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New shoes and a week of PB's

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It has been a pretty good week for me, running wise.

First up was parkrun on May 30th, where I took 21 seconds off of my PB with a time of 34:36.

Next was my second ever 10K on Thursday where I completed the distance 3 minutes 33 seconds faster than my first 10K the previous week. Time was 1:13:16.

Last up was yesterdays parkrun. Having knocked over 20 seconds off my PB the previous week I wasn't expecting too much. In the end I was delighted to finish in 34:04 - 32 seconds faster than last week!

So that's almost a minute off my parkrun time in 2 weeks and well over 3 minutes off of my 10K time in a week.

In amongst that was some slight knee niggles leading to suspicions about worn cushioning in one pair of shoes.

Trip to Sweatshop this morning, intending to try some Kayano 21's. Walked out with a pair of Mizuno Wave Inspire 11's. They're not even all that garish!

Tried all different makes, most were too tight and going up half a size were too long. Even the Asics I tried suffered from that, the GT-2000 v3 being much more snug than the v2's that I have.

Didn't get to try the Kayanos as the chap said they were too supportive for me.

The Mizunos are nice and roomy and feel nice on. Looking forward to trying them on Tuesday.

I've also entered the 10K event next Sunday (that same one I've been twittering on about lol). Think the Mizunos will be too "new" to wear for that though.

6 Replies

very nice shoes :D I have waverider's love em !!


That's a great week, Peter, and great improvements. Good luck with the 10k next weekend.


What a great week, well done! Its always lovely to see improvements. Nice shoes too! x :-)


It seems as if you have really got into your stride with those times falling like that. Hope the new shoes will help you keep up the momentum. Good luck for next weekend.


What a great week - sounds as though it's all going brilliantly for you right now! Well done :)


Thanks all.

The running does seem to be going well at the minute.

Weight loss isn't though :( - seem to have stagnated a bit despite the increase in running over the last few weeks.

Although I do wonder if, due to the recent increase in mileage, I am going through a "body building" phase, where muscle is toning and building up to a level suited for what I'm doing. I'm hoping that once it settles down I'll start to notice more weight coming off.


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