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A good feeling

A couple of months ago I posted on here asking for some inspiration and a kick up the backside to get me back out there. I graduated originally a couple of years ago and really did loose my mojo.

Well I got the encouragement I needed and I started off on week 5 (I think) and loved it. I really got into my stride and managed to sort out those mental gremlins. I got to the point where I ran every other day at 6.30 in the morning! Unbelievable - hardly recognised myself ☺️

I was literally flying, but then life has a tendency to throw things at you just when you hit your stride doesn't it and in this case it was a family tragedy.

So I haven't run for a while but this morning I felt ready to go and really wanted to run. I finally completed my 3rd run of week 9 and felt fantastic. I went very slowly at first (very slowly!!) but sped up towards the end and felt I could have gone further. In the end I ran 3.6 km in the 30 minutes and couldn't be happier. I punched the air and said aloud 'that was bloody brilliant!' when I finished (Thankfully no one was around!)

So glad I got my mojo back 😀

Would like to say to anyone embarking on this to keep at it, you don't need to break any records but just go at your own pace, the only person you're competing against is yourself.

Happy running all and have a great week!

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Fantastic! So pleased for you!! :-D


Thanks am feeling pretty chuffed at the moment ☺️


Well done you. That's fantastic. Hope you're ok. Xx


Thanks. 😊 xx


Well done, thanks for the inspiring post - big hugs x


Sorry to hear you have had family woes.

Great that you are back into the swing so well - well done - keep it up.


Thanks. Am really feeling the benefit of my running or 'plodding' as I prefer to call it ☺️


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