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Week two has commenced

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I decided on a new direction for week two. Partly due to some embarassing moments during week one run three. I was honked at by a van, possibly laughed at by a car full of teenage boys{this may be paranioa}, and finally, the worst moment, running{and I use that word loosely as we all know how slow we stagger/run on week one} past the firestation whilst the firemen were out playing with their hoses.

So the new direction {dragging mind away from firemen} started well, more pictureseque and, more importantly, quieter. First run good if tiring, second one was better even if it was a bit up and down. But the third one was entirely up hill gaining ever so slowly on a little old man with a stick {I never caught him} I staggered and sweated and had to slow to a walk a few seconds before the end of the 90 secs. Very disappointing but not a total disaster as the next three were downhill or mostly flat and I cruised through them.

Apart from a fight with my sunglasses which became redundant due to the sun going down whilst I was running, the rest went smoothly and I staggered home to find a very grumpy husband. Apparently as I was leaving for my run he was getting out of the car and waving and shouting and I ignored him.

Ooops.. I guess I was already focussed.. not to mention already listening to Laura..

He will forgive me eventually, I hope!

6 Replies

Fantastic, I can tell you're really going to enjoy this !

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Your post made me smile :) Keep it up and don't worry what others think; I understand, though - have felt the same myself!

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Ha ha ! Brilliant post G, that made me laugh ! :-)

Well done !

Keep going , youre doing great ! :-) xxx

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Great post - Made me smile.

I have been that grumpy husband on more than one occasion, waving my wife's phone at her retreating rear bumper (her car not her....you know).

As for teenagers and van drivers, weigh them up against all the other people we pass who either say nothing or God forbid even smile (happened once, honest!).

Do you really care what they think? I don't anymore, I am getting somewhere and I am pleased with myself.

We all think you're fab. Good luck.


Yep. People can be rude. Someone howled at me on week 1. Who knows? Maybe he caught a few flies. My running form is something on the order of drunken tyrannosaurus rex (complete with the arms). Oh well, this fossil decided she doesn't care (too much at least).


I am sat here reading your post and responses and I take my hat off to you ( hat raised), I myself have taken a new route mostly flat (canal) and going early morning (very early) due to complete and utter embarrassment. In my 50's and carrying extra 4 stone was 5 stone overweight a couple of months ago. and I am still smiling remembering your comment about the firemen :).

wow well done

Glen :)


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