Wk8 R3 - ooo, here builds the Wk9 anticipation

Had a fabulous run tonight, felt great, covered more distance than I have ever done before and felt really comfortable. It was hot, it was sweaty, but I loved it. Two days off and week 9 commences - who'd have thought it eh all those weeks ago?! To all of you lovely running people attacking week 9 next week good luck...see you on the other side!.x

2 Replies

  • week 8 here at the moment for me, so im just a week behind you. feels good to have got this far doesn't it. all those weeks ago week 9 didn't look achievable, now we know it is. good luck for week 9, let us know what its like on the other side when you get there !

  • Great job! Amazing progress looking back to week one - good luck to all running in the next week, especially those in week 9!

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