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Acquired a fly

So last night was run 2 of week 7. Didn't feel like going out at all but put my kit on and dragged myself out! Turns out it was better than run 1. Calf niggles most of the way round so will have an extra days rest before run 3. But I seem to have acquired a fly!! He was with me (right in front of my face!) the whole way. Now either I smelt really nice or I come across as a fly-friendly person! Nice running with some company for a change lol!

What is it about minute 21?! Whenever I get there I just want to stop and have to really push myself to keep going. Anyone else get this?!

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so nice to read a ' fly' post NOT about swallowing it!! YOU made a new ' friend'!!

Obvioulsy it was because you smelled so good

YES understand re minute 21.. there are certain points druing the run when the 'voice ' in your head says ' just give up' - the fact you haven't should give oyu confidence..

( i think its.. you've got to 20.. know there is ' only' 5 to go.. but its the hardest 5.. and can seem to go on for ages.. that's when the 'voice' appears!!) well done on overcoming it though...

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Awww a pet fly! You should call him Buzz :) Happy running

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lol, 'Buzz', I like that nickname!

I think Anaverageman is right. It's the gremlins talking. The trick is to think of something else. Ignore them completely. The moment they start to tell you that you're tired and you've already done well, just (!) shut them down, recall phone numbers or put your family in alphabetical order or anything that occupy the mind. Failing that, try to trick yourself by going "just to that lamp post", "just 30 seconds more", "just to the bend in the road", etc.

Happy running. You can do it!

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