'Conditions, Symptoms and Treatments' - warning, horrid fly picture!

'Conditions, Symptoms and Treatments' - warning, horrid fly picture!

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel that 'Conditions, Symptoms and Treatments' isn't something they want at the top of their Profile page? It makes this feel like a place for unhealthy people! OK, we may well have good reasons to be taking up running, and getting ourselves healthier, but 'Conditions, Symptoms and Treatments' really, really puts me off this site altogether. It almost implies that there must be something wrong with you if you're on here?

Any thoughts?

Oh - I've just discovered that when you post, there's a 'couch to 5k+' category (I think that would be better at the bottom of the list, rather than before Week 1) - much preferred the old system of it coming up automatically once you'd got a grad badge though).

But this doesn't really fit any of the categories anyway.

GAH! Now I have a message ''Please don't uplaod image that larger than 2500 KB.'' - but I'm not uploading (or even uplaoding) an image!!!!! OK - it won't let me move on without an image, so I'll go and find one! Ha - a horrid fly! He he! Nooooooooo - it won't let me use it, but it isn't anywhere near ''2500 KB''

Then I'd been logged out... Trying again (I was crafty and copied what I'd typed, so I didn't have to do it all again. But I'm keeping the horrid fly. :D

Can't figure out how to put tags in - the automatically-generated ''Running'' really does seem very very stupid!

AAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!! I tried to delete 'running'- and got whooshed away somewhere else with running tags. But the back button got me back here.

Am I actually in an alternate universe?

PS Sorry about the fly. It's how I feel about this site at the moment! UGH

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  • Not ideal, but it is a fitness community hosted within a health site as opposed to a fitness site. The needs of the many etc...

  • This is true. Sometimes we forget that c25k is only one of many communities on this forum. They need to make it work for everyone and for some other communities this may be useful information to share with others.

  • It would be good to look at some of the other communities for their reactions to the changes.

  • I did - the active ones are just as rattled as us! Ranting away. No giant flies though. :D

  • what the heck is going on ? I haven't been on here for a few days because I cant get on through my phone now for some reason it says the browser is too old ?? and the world falls apart. giant flies and lots of weirdness ??

  • Its so troubling....I feel like I am lost in a parallel universe

  • Love your new picture. :)

  • I LIKE the fly picture! Not because of the fly or anything like that but because we seem to now be able to post pics that seem to be big enough to see, going by the fly that is!

  • I am on this and the 'Gluten Free Gorillas' communities. Part of the reason I am running is because it helps to strengthen the bones which is something us coeliacs have to be careful about. So those sections on the profile page are relevant to me.

  • Hadn't met the gluten free gorillas yet! And I'm coeliac too, but I hadn't thought of it as something particularly connected with my running, or something I want to label myself with - I think it's the labelling aspect that feels awkward - and also the fact that health support forums can unintentionally make people start to become defined by their conditions. I dunno. Just makes me feel uneasy, and much less keen on this place. I'm fine with people sharing relevant details when it comes up - or putting it in their profile if they so wish - it's that it feels like it's expected, and people might feel they ought to disclose things they'd rather not. Maybe I'm being over-sensitive. :)

  • The conditions and symptoms are private. You do not need to reveal them to other members.

  • Surely the NHS staff would have something to say about publicly displaying a condition or treatment. Isn't this site affiliated to the NHS. Your no actively encouraging patients to disclose their conditions and treatments.... Can't be right.

  • Whereas I can't choose a category at all!

  • they aren't forcing you to disclose any conditions or symptoms/treatments etc. people need to remember just because there is a box on a webpage it doesn't mean you have to fill it in lol

    as someone else said, this is a C25K page on an NHS website - National Health Service, a service to look after the health of the Nation. It makes sense that some people might like to find others with similar health issues to see how they are coping etc. I know i'd like to speak to other type 2 diabetics to compare notes etc

  • Urrrrghhhh, I hate the fly almost as much as I hate the re-vamping of this site! (Though, Greenlegs, well done on getting it onto the page LOL) ;) Actually, I feel about it in much the same ways as Beads .... But I'm not yet skilled at reading uphill!

    Why too are all the posted responses turned upside down? Ie, most recent at the top of the list? I was taught to read from the left hand side of a page ..... along to the right and from the top to the bottom of a page! Now we have to scroll to the bottom of responses to see if anyone's already made a comment before reading 'upwards' ..... weird, illogical, unconventional ...

    Now ???? Have I followed all of the posting guidelines above/ooooops below ? ? ? ?

  • Ewww, just found the 'order' arrows :)

  • Teee heeee .... Just worked it out for you! :D

    Conditions: Whatever the weatherman says! (look outside!)

    Symptoms: Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie!

    Treatment: Join/stay with this amazing forum full of wonderful, supportive, funny runners!

  • He he! OK - I need to lighten up! :)

  • I think the fly is a thing of beauty, they way you have captured the light from Yoda's forehead is amazing. :)


  • I hate this change, I really do! I don't get any messages anymore when I get a comments to my post or anything at all. No graduate badge. Hate the profile start. Hate almost everything about the change. Agree 100% with greenlegs, I am not comfortable at all too, you are not alone. Why did this had to be changed anyway? We were fine, weren't we, happy and helpful? Whose idea is this to CHANGE? I feel as if I am in an alien planet or rather aliens have invaded my planet with my friends in it!

  • The information might suit some people - choice - choice - choice

    AND I completely agree don't fill anything in you don't want everyone in the world to know (or potentially know)

    I think an opting in rather than opt out philosophy might well have saved a lot of grief.

    So the core data and information remained the same - how it is displayed and extra feature were offered as an option.

    In the commercial world - were we paying customers I seriously think that healthunlocked.com could have been rendered outnight a lame duck and lost customer and investor confidence.

    Then the early adopters after plenty of beta testing start to rave about how good the new features are.

    Instead corrupt the data - avtar images and gender - and block logins for everyone - a weak story about new features and chaos.

    The best feature of the previous format was that it was accessible to all and people had confidence and supported each other.

    That confidence is going to be hard to re-establish top of the list is someone saying sorry we really didn't intend to alienate almost every user - the platform needed changing - or a huge paying partner wanted this feature or the server was too slow or whatever. The page loading times have been pitiful SINCE the change and were outstanding before.

    Reminds me of a recent BBC project at least they had the sense to scrap it before further damage was done. Actually in that case 100 million pounds had been lost before the lack of project delivery capability was discovered by the people who should have been opting in to a decision they in the end opted out from in being continued.

    I digress - just seems a shame that if all the requests and features were requested by users you did, it seems ZERO consultation before a very poor technically flawed implementation!


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