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Flying Start to the Year!


Firstly, my apologies to Bluebirdrunner, I thought Katnap had put this picture up but turns out he hadn’t!!

So, here’s our family Parkrun picture for today! Dame Kelly Holmes popped in to stretch her legs. She was fantastic, so patient; I think most of the runners had their picture taken with her once they’d finished! Katnap is very proud that he didn’t get lapped by her, but I did and it was quite amazing to see her storm past (whilst being chased by a bloke with a pushchair 🤣) and it felt I really was part of it, I really was ‘a runner’!

I don’t know how I’m going to match that one really. But apart from one day, this year has done pretty well so far:

1st Jan - completed New Years Day Parkrun with 664 others (😱), got home and signed up for the Regency Run 10k in April

2nd Jan - popped to the local tattoo parlour and booked myself finally for my sub-30min Parkrun present (must do it again before I have it done!)

3rd Jan - well, my proposed 10k run was an abject failure due to body not wanting to play ball. Ah well, it’s early post-Christmas days. Next week it will be a different story 💪💪💪

4th Jan - a lovely gym session whilst the boys were out at a music event

5th Jan - well, this picture says it all really

Fingers crossed it can carry on in such a positive way!

Happy running everyone 🏃🏻‍♀️😀👏🦆

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Fantastic for you and your family TailChaser- so inspirational to have Dame Kelly there at your park run. A great start to 2019 for you, and a 10k race to aim for.

Have fun 🏃‍♀️👏👏👏🏃‍♂️🐱🐱

TailChaserGraduate in reply to Dexy5

Thanks Dexy, you too!

Yes she really is an inspiration. Lots of awe-struck kids and adults alike there today. We did have to explain to the kittens who she was and what she’d achieved but sometimes that’s a useful thing as they were totally relaxed about it. And it’s good to have a target, just got to remind myself that I’m capable of doing it as it was a stuttering start to my 2019 running journey.




Brilliant TailChaser!! So great that all the family are running alongside too!! Fantastic!! 😍😍❤️

TailChaserGraduate in reply to Fabulous450

Yes, we are all getting so much from it, it’s been a fantastic journey 😀

Dame Kelly Holmes at park run how cool is that. She use to come and help do a couple of pe lessons when I was in school back in the 90s not that I ever had any lessons as I was the fat kid who couldn’t run 😂.

TailChaserGraduate in reply to Notsobigdoug

Wow, fancy having her as a PE teacher! Although as she’s army that could be quite scary! But she must have been some inspiration as you’re that fat kid who can’t run any more, eh Doug?! 😀


Wow!!!! Just Wow!!!

TailChaserGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Yep! 😀

Aaah that is such a special photo TailChaser...and one that you will treasure... thank you for posting it.

A great reminder that you/we are all real runners and your/our 5k is just as good as everyone elses. So nice of Dame Kelly Holmes to join in with Parkruns.

Your year had started very nicely!😊xxx

TailChaserGraduate in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Yeah, definitely 😀 She was just so natural and friendly, and in a lot of ways less intimidating than some of the fast club runners. She brought everyone together and left everyone smiling and feeling good. If that doesn’t sum up the ethos of RED January I can’t think what does 🥰


Nice pic... and well done Katnap not getting lapped! Of course watching a world beating athlete close up powering on is something he missed, so I’d have been happy to be lapped I think!

There’s no abject failure... you ran that day... it was part of the journey to the next goal, doesn’t matter if yet didn’t end up being a 10k

Happy running.

TailChaserGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Me too UNM, I was more than happy to see her go past 😀

You’re right about the 10K, I was just really fed up about it and had to trudge the 2 miles back home and it was cold and had to walk along country lanes and it takes so much longer to walk it!!!! It some ways it was quite good to walk it as I saw what a difference the running makes to the journey time.

I’m planning to run to Sports Direct next 10K and buy some new socks, that will help. Running & retail therapy at the same time 😁

Happy New Running Year to you UNM 🥳


That's an amazing photo! The thing I most like about it is that the whole family is there doing it together. I am more than a little envious! Great start to your year - thank goodness the 10k didn't go to plan - you need to save something for next week you know, and then there's the rest of the year to consider too ... 😀 enjoy your next run

TailChaserGraduate in reply to linda9389

Lol! Thanks Linda, you’ve made me smile about it 😁

The family thing has happened in trickles over the year, and I still have to pinch myself as the boys are dedicated computer/phone addicts. Hubby is now addicted to this forum and Strava!!

Happy running to you 🤗😀

linda9389Ambassador in reply to TailChaser

A wonderful thing to share 🙂


Fantastic TailChaser...I bet seeing KH pass you was amazing?! What a year you've had so far? Bet you're walking in air?! Let's hope your year continues to be just as positive x

TailChaserGraduate in reply to Mummycav

Ooh yes, I hope so Mummycav! Happy New Running Year to you 🤗😀x


What a great start to the year despite a little blip that we won’t let get us down 😉. Another wonderful family PR pic; I may be a wee bit jealous of you and your running family 😍 but my hubby has now gone out on 4 runs with me over the Christmas break. It is the start of a great trend. Kiddo is still at home glued to the tv, but baby steps, right.

TailChaserGraduate in reply to SaskAlliecat

Yes! Fantastic SaskAllieCat! You’re already half way there! I know you can do it 👏👏👏 Keep us updated 😃 x


Just love that photo. 😀

TailChaserGraduate in reply to Wimborne

Thanks Wimborne, we’ve all been buzzing this weekend 😀!x

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