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Painful Hip? - more rest needed


I went to see an Osteopath today as I've had niggling pain in my right hip which has got worse every time I run. Even when the run feels good & I can manage a speedy burst for the last 60 secs, an hour after my run my hip seizes up. So Osteo has advised no more running or long walks until the pain reduces to 'Level 3' (currently Level 7). I've got hip exercises to do & yoga, but he reckons at least 2 weeks off (I've already had one week off) and only graduated 3 weeks ago! Hope this doesn't set me back too much - but I'm reminded to be kind to my body & not to push it to the limit - which I'm always tempted to do! So any of you out there on the IC - listen to the advice, take your time and be kind to yourself......frustrating as it may be. I'll be back in a couple of weeks!

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That sucks but definitely better to rest now and run later than be out of action for longer later. Good luck with your time on the IC 😍

58soon in reply to HappyNoodle

Thanks HappyNoodle. Good to hear from you!

I have hip pain (TFL perhaps) and have had to put running into a rotation. I cannot run four times a week without either knee or hip problems. I do a lot of other stuff so have found that the variety is great fun. It also makes me really want to run which helps to remind me to do my stretching and other corrective exercises (yoga is great (pigeon pose)) as is SMR with foam roller. Good luck. I know how frustrating it is just as you’ve found that you like running!!

58soon in reply to Sortofrunning

That sounds like a good plan Sortofrunning. I do power yoga so maybe mixing it up a bit like you do is the way to go. Front or back pigeon pose works a treat! Feels good to know I’m not alone 😊


Frustrating, but sensible to take the advice. The exercises will work! Good luck


I'm sure this won't set you back as much as you might fear. Look at how far you've come, you can definitely do it! You just have to be kind to your body and to yourself.

Hope your hip feels better soon! 😊

58soon in reply to RunStitches

Thanks RunStitches. I’ll stay positive and keep believing I’ll be back soon. Mustn’t forget the exercises though. So easy to fall back onto the Couch!


I have experienced the same with my right hip. Maybe I will rest it too. What kind of exercises where you prescribed?

Hope the rest n exercises work for you.

Best wishes.

58soon in reply to Hidden

The Osteo said to lie on my side & raise my knee up & down several times. He said not to do any stretches that hurt, not even leaning to one side. If it hurts....stop! Frustrating, but have to give this one time. Probably caused by too much too quickly, so gently does it 🥰


Please make sure to do your exercises!! I have Greater Trochanter Pain Syndrome in my left hip and I have been battling with it since I started doing more than 10ks and up to HM last summer. Apparently it’s a “ Runner’s injury” and I’ve rested for 4 months while I had a nasty virus ( my dr and I think it was earlyCovid) from mid last Oct to mid Jan this year, I’ve stretched, rubbed Deep Heat into it, had sports massages, chiropractic sessions, done endless Pilates sessions specifically for the hip pain, rolled on my Foam roller and spiky Pilates balls, FINALLY got referred for physio AGAIN ( had one lot in Feb) and he has given me more exercises to do to strengthen the Adductors and also managed to get me booked in for Steroid injection in my hip ( yelp!!) in the 14th August.

Fingers crossed that does the trick and I hope yours improves soon too.

58soon in reply to limberlou

Oh my goodness Limberlou. Sounds painful, as does the possible Covid. Hope the injection works and I’ll be thinking of you and all us others who are injury-exercising rather than running. At least we’re doing more than nothing!


We all have to accept as we get older that we do not bounce back to the same place as we used to take care and follow the advice of your osteopath and be kind to your body.

So true!


Hello 58soon, just been reading your posts and so sorry to hear about your injury after such a magical graduation run. What a great run that was 😀.

You are so right, being kind and being patient is the very best we can do for ourselves when on the Injury Couch ( well at any time really 😉). The really difficult thing though is putting this into practice and not rushing back too quickly, as so many folks on this community know so well, including myself. It’s a bit like deciding we will just have 1 or 2 days off work when we fall sick and then expect ourselves to stick to this regardless of whether we are really fit for work.

I notice your Osteo advice says ‘at least 2 weeks’ and you say ‘I’ll be back in a couple of weeks’. It’s frequently so hard to take our time and listen to our bodies but it’s so worth it. I have read so many posts of people here having to take a lot of time out, repeat weeks, the whole programme even several times and then go on to achieve so much in their running, run further and faster yes, sometimes but more often to run happier and healthier.

Gently does it 🤗

Thanks jorgeRuns. You’ve reminded me I have to be patient. Just did a Zoom power yoga class - gosh, it’s sweaty!! Almost glad I’m on the IC today!! 😰😍


Would you not be better with a physio? 🤔

You may be right. I booked the osteopath as my hubby recommended him & it’s 3 mins from my house. But I’m not sure I need all that clicking.! Feeling better now after some intense yoga today so will hold off going back to the Osteo. It’s ridiculously expensive too! Maybe best to let time & nature take it’s course....


Oh, blimmen eck, 58soon, so sorry, I totally missed this post! 🙁 So sorry to also hear that you’re on the IC again. I thought that this was all behind you now! Yep, you’re totally doing the right thing by having a break. None of us want to be away from running for long but the repercussions are so much worse if we don’t take heed. Hey, we are learning a valuable lesson early on, that will serve us well going forward! 😊 The sciatica is obviously getting to my head, I’m getting all whimsical now! 🤣 Wishing you all the best in your recovery, my friend. See you at the starting blocks in the not too distant future! 😊🏃‍♀️💕🐢

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