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Daft question 2 of the week


Ok so my daft question 2 of the week.

My running pace seems to actually be slower than my walking pace - I kid you not.

Whilst my stamina is progressing nicely I’m actually worried that whilst I know I’ll complete the 30 minute run, I’m not convinced I will travel 5k in distance!!!

Has anyone else got this issue?

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It's not a daft question, and you almost certainly won't run 5k in 30 minutes by the end of the programme. If you do, I will be very jealous. I've been running for over a year and I still can't!

The fact that your stamina is 'coming on nicely ' is the thing to concentrate on. Speed will come later.

Good luck


Running 5K is not a requirement for graduation and only around 10% will achieve that in the 30 minutes .

this is about building strength and stamina .

the requirement for graduation is that you complete the 3x30 minute runs of week 9.

That's it !

distance is irrelevant

Very few of us got to 5k in 30 minutes, keep doing what you are doing and you will get there in the end to 5k and it doesn’t matter how long it takes

Hi Jegs, today, for the first time I measured the distance I ran (3.74km) as well as the time I ran for (25 mins). At that pace, I won’t achieve 5km in 30 minutes either - but, more importantly I will have run for 30 minutes non-stop which is the longest I will have ever run in my life! I’ve read quite a few posts by the members of this wonderful community and they all say the same - time run is more important than distance. So, whilst I’m going to keep 5km as my goal, I’ll do it in however long it takes and then, over time, try to get it down to 30 minutes. Hope this helps.


Firstly, 5km is not a requirement even though it's in the name. Slow is good.

Secondly, you will naturally get faster gradually, even if you're running very slowly now.


Running slowly makes faster runners 👍


I graduated in April, I have achieved 5K only once and it took 56 mins!!! However, I can run (very slowly) ... running is running. Getting to 30 mins is a huge achievement ... keep going.

Not daft at all.

If I was made ruler for a day, I’d order it renamed to “Couch to 3k” for the sake of greater inclusivity and reasonableness. 🙂

The most important thing is getting off that couch.

Slow running is the latest thing you know! I ran like the wind yesterday.....my Garmin has given me 2.94km in 28 minutes with an average pace of 9.29 GO ME! :D

When you walk there is always a foot in contact with the ground. The running gait has a period when we are suspended in the air, no feet in contact with the ground. That is the important difference and we can do this whether we run fast or slow.

You are not alone and it's nothing to be ashamed or worried about. Us tortoises rule! :) 💐


Only a small proportion of graduates from this forum who responded to a poll, managed 5k in 30 minutes by graduation healthunlocked.com/couchto5....

Graduation requirements are that you complete three thirty minute runs, regardless of distance.

Carry on as you are. You are doing great.


You and me both...

I’ve always used apps when I walked, and still do 2 miles on my ‘recovery’ days. I also do my run days (Week 6) over a 2 mile course...and still log on the apps, including warm up/cool down...

W5R3: 33.50

W6R1: 33.16

W6R2: 33.20

Last three 2 mile walks: 34.58, 35.56, 32.56.

Not much difference honestly!

I’m old school, not metrically minded...so 2 miles is 3.22km...could you imagine that you would run for *2 MILES* non stop!?!?!

I’m gob smacked! 😂

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