Can't keep up with you guys!

I am just about to attempt week 6 run 3. Lots of blogs telling me how fast they have run which is great. However I'm 70 & looking at what you have all done makes me very envious & despondent that I will never be able to manage 5k in 30 minutes. I am attempting to download a free running app to find out how I am doing. I have just had a quick look at the 5k+ for stamina & speed has anyone used it & how did they find it???? I really enjoy reading about how you are all doing keep the caht flowing!


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  • My goodness lillibell! YOU ARE AMAZING - How can you possibly be despondent at running W6R3? You are out there and doing it. I think you are FANTASTIC! And you know what they say? Never say never! You probably WILL manage 5K in 30 mins - when you are least expecting it! ALL POWER TO YOU!

  • 5k 'OR' 30 minutes is the goal!! Very few of us are able to run 5k 'IN' 30 minutes at graduation, I haven't reached that level yet after 8 months and don't expect to be able to for a while.

    Please don't try and do too much too soon or you will injure yourself. It doesn't matter how far you run in the 30mins or how fast. Just being out there doing it is what counts. Enjoy yourself and be proud of your achievement, don't compare yourself to anyone else! :-)

  • Don't be despondent, be proud of what you're achieving! :)

    I'm a very non-sporty 54, and not remotely near to running 5k in 30 minutes, even 3 months after graduation - as I've said on another thread, I only ran just over 3k in 30 min in week 9. :D

    Why, oh, why, does the programme have to have '5k' in the title. (I know, it sounds catchy. But it puts so many people off and demotivates people who are doing absolutely amazing things.) Grrrrr! It's really aimed at getting us running for 30 minutes, it really doesn't matter how far you go in the time, as long as you're still going. That's not to say that going 5k is impossible, but it's pretty unusual for most people, of all ages, to run as far as 5k in 30 minutes by week 9.

    There are quite a few runners older than me on here, and some of them are faster than me too. :)

    And since graduation I have run 5k, and then 10k - it just takes me a long time! :)

    Perhaps we should start a campaign to rename it c230? :D

  • Greenlegs I must have missed your blog, I didn't realise you'd hit 10k - congratulations, that's great! :-)

  • Thanks! It was in the middle of 5x50 somewhere - I went out to do a walk, and then ran 1k, and then a bit more, and a bit more... I'm best when I sneak up on myself! :)

  • Good strategy! :-)

  • Don't worry about others' speeds, lillibell. It's not a race, (well it is if you enter a race ;-) ), but for most of us, it's only a race with ourselves. Or a race to escape the couch and with completing week 6 you're certainly winning there! What is most important to me is that I'm having fun! That is enjoying the running, but also enjoying feeling fitter than before. :-)

  • Echoing everyones thoughts above. I started the programme in Feb and graduated 5 weeks ago. I hit 4k once during the final weeks but slipped back to 3-3.5k. The other Sunday I planned a fairly flat route (hard around here), had pasta the night before and drank loads of water then I went out steadily and ran until I hit three miles... I then carried on home (as I know it's 3.1 for 5K) and finished on 3.29 miles. It took me 50 minutes - almost double the C25K thing. I'm 50 next year, overweight and have a joint/bone disorder so please don't be despondent. We're all different but we're all RUNNING and it feels brilliant :-)

  • Loads of good sensible comments and advice for you lillibell, you are doing really well and need to remember that this C25K programme is yours to do at your speed not someone elses. Good luck for week 6/3, take it nice and steady and you'll get there for sure.

  • lillibell you are a star and you need to remind yourself of your wonderful achievement.

    I am fast approaching sixty and intend to run for as long as I can.

    I agree with everyone else. Is doesn't matter how quickly we run so long as we run and continue to enjoy it!

  • I'm with everyone else - you're amazing! Aside from the points made that fitness and enjoyment are the most important achievements you can have don't forget there is such a thing as age grading, which takes into account your age & gender, as I always say take out all the young fit guys at the parkrun and I'm not doing so bad. ;-) Seriously though, it does make a difference and I'd bet you'll have a pretty impressive age grade, be proud!

  • remember the saying, "slowly slowly catchy monkey" stick with it you are doing so very well. Don't worry what others are doing, concentrate on what you a doing, and by the look of it you are doing well.

    I use runkeeper on my phone which is quite good. :-)

  • I am no quite 50 and last week had a very similar wobbly. I am such a slow jogger and can't imagine I will hit 3k in 30 mins. I really struggled with week 7 as I tried to pick up some speed, but am going back to being stupidly slow for the next lot: 28 mins. I am hoping then to pick up speed for the last few mins.

    Posters here have been brilliant in keeping my spirits up telling me it is the time you are out for, not the distance you cover. Keep it up and well done for doing this at 70...impressive

  • To echo words already spoken TeaAye (love the name) its not stupidly slow its sensibly slow. No one expects to start any new task at the top so why should we expect to run like well trained athlete runners in just the first few weeks. It does take time to gather some speed I know I'm still working on it. But the important thing is to enjoy what we are doing. Good luck to you too. Now cuppa tea? Oh aye ;)

  • You are fantastic! Don't worry about speed you are getting out there and running, what an inspiration.

  • I can only echo all the good advice above, and congratulations on your journey so far!

    Don't be despondent, you will graduate then can carry on improving for as long as you want. .. I do the c25k+ podcasts, mainly Stamina as I like the length of it... Still trying to get faster and hope one day to make 30 mins, but think I need to lose some of my 4 stone extra to help that ! ;-)

  • Congratulations lillibel, you are my inspiration to still be running/jogging even walking briskly when I'm 70! I've just done week 6.3 and covered only 2 miles in 25 mins, I also play netball once a week and am only 43! As others have said its about getting out there 2 or 3 times a week and going at YOUR own pace.

    Lots of success with the remainder of the programme :-)

  • Just enjoy and do it at your own pace. As I said on another thread - nothing is written in stone.

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