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My first ever blog

Well, I started the programme a while back, have had hiccups along the way - flu, dislocated rib, more illness - darn these germs my kids keep bringing home from school!

Now I'm about to start w6, should have gone this morning but plan to go tomorrow - honestly, I'm a bit scared, I'd got to w6r2 before I had all the setbacks and I'm a bit worried in a jinxy type of way.

I've found my best - most favourite - time to run - 5am, up the country lane where I live, no one around, no flies, just lovely birdsong. I've been spotting the wildfower and grass species as I run past (yes, I'm slow enough to identify them!) - the hedgerows are superb at the moment and it's a great distraction when I start to focus on a hard bit.

I have a 1k hill to conquer - I do a little, thinking "I can do this, I can do this" until I have to turn and run back down thinking "no I can't, not today".

I feel a bit low tech compared to other people on here - I measure my runs with my 1:25000 OS map and a piece of string, I calculate my speed with a watch and a bit of mental maths, but it all gets done in the end. My husband put the pod loads on my son's kindly donated mp3 player.

My son (15) has run with me a bit - he is so supportive and completely outstrips me but turns and jogs back to keep me company. He's given me the "try picking your heels up more it might speed you up a bit" tip in the nicest possible way.

So here's looking forward to my next bit!

Thankyou for reading.

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I measure my distances like that too. I use the edge of a sheet of paper and fix it with my pencil at all the twists and turns and then measure the edge against the scale. Who needs technology?

How lovely that your son helps you too! Enjoy that whilst you can because you'll miss him when he has to go out into the world. I'm sure he'll still be there for you though! My son is a great support - in a teasing sort of a way - but it is nice!

Enjoy your future runs!


well, yes, string or pencil and paper are pretty cheap and failsafe!

I'm trying to fully enjoy these last 'kid' years - they are growing up so fast!

thanks :)


good luck with your future runs i found week 6 and 7 the hardest as you have to stop walking but its def mind over matter and im sure it wont be long before your running 30 mins !!! must be nice to have your son some times mine are a little too small to run half a hour yet

but they do always wait and the window to see mummy arriving home all red and sweaty x

kate x


thanks, I'm looking forward to it (running 30 mins, not neccessarily the struggle to get there!). Bless your little ones' hearts, that's sweet. :)


I'm low tech too. I used to use my phone. not a smart phone, for the pods but my son gave an old ipod. Have you tried measuring the distance on or They both are quite useful in seeing how far youve run.


I might just have a look at those, thanks. It's good to know that I'm not the only low techy one on here! (although all these gadgets do sound fun).


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