Well that was an undulating 10K! but made it round :)

just a quick post as i'm SO sleepy but off to visit mum in a min, may find a use for that comfy bed !

it was very sunny here first thing and i walked the dog, feeling hot and wishing the cloudy weather forecast would arrive! dropped him off at dads and off to Smallbrook Stadium for the Brading 10k! i was worried i wouldn't know many, but there were lots of familiar faces, and a nice surprise as my friend Lisa was one infront of me at the queue to sign up! we sometimes run together as are a similar pace and i find her nice to chat to.... So we started off together and luckily it HAD clouded over :) and had an enjoyable first 5km together with a bit of a chat except on the hilly bits! it was on roads still open to traffic so i think the stream of 143 runners may have caused slight delay around the back roads of Brading! but most motorists seemed fine :) headed off towards the long gradual hill of Beaper shute, and i got a little ahead of my friend, and she had said to go if i felt like the hill was going well, so i did! consoling myself with the fact that i could cheer her through the line at the end..... that was a long old road but i was feeling ok and when we got to the end of that there were just 2.5k or so to go! nice bit of down hill but remembered the words of someone who had said earlier"don't forget the hilly-ish last 1k" and kept steady! with the last 300m to go we entered the circuit and did a lap to the finish! was with chip timing and my result was 106.59! not so bad for what was definitely not the flat-ish 10ks of previous ones! they had a meet in the bar afterwards(pint of lime and soda for me with ice!) and awards given out, the winner came in at 35mins! wow! i was 123rd but with lots of club runners there i felt that wasn't so bad, and it was nice to do a local race! was 9th out of 17 in my age category :)

I was So sweaty with it being humid so headed back for a lovely shower and out of that sweaty gear! my hairband was sodden! Had lunch and felt SO tired, early night tonight i reckon!

off for a lie down now at mums!

strava stats!


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  • Well done! Excellent result!

  • thanks dagshar! :)

  • Nice one Ali, knew you could do it. Nice bit of bling too to add to your collection :)

  • Thanks AM! have developed bad headache so off out for fresh air with George dog! legs still feel ok :)

  • Well done Ali - that's a decent time with all those mountains etc. Get yourself an early night tonight and go easy on the absynthe!

  • mountains??!! it wasn't that bad! will have early night, no drinkies in the house but don't think i will need that to knock me out tonight!! :X :) early night sounds very appealing at mo! sleeeeeepy!

  • Well done - very respectable time too!

  • thanks Ully :)

  • It doesn't matter where you came in at the finish, 10k is real test and you passed it with flying colours. Congratulations, you did really well there.

  • thanks Rob! did enjoy it in a strange way! walkies with george now then crashing out! :)

  • Great stuff well done πŸ˜†

  • thanks Dawn :)

  • Fantastic..well done you...sounds tough and thats a fantastic time too :)

  • thanks juicyju! glad i went! :)

  • Well done :)

  • thanks sonic! :)

  • You beat the hills and the heat. Well done :)

  • thankyou! feel much better now after my dinner! :)

  • Blimey that does look hilly aliboo! Well done though, you did it! I love the way the organisers use the word "undulating" where they are really mountains!

  • mostly it felt gradual and not all that bad somehow! pleased i did it after all! :)

  • Wow!

    Well done Ali, fantastic achievement ! You should be very proud of yourself Missus ! :-) xxx

  • thanks Poppy! felt so tired last night but fine today! woke up and saw clock at 7.05, though "bugger!" light on, then realised my alarm(that i have had since i was 13, its very trendy tiny digital one!) was showing the alarm time as hadn't put button on right spot, and i was actually 4.55am! so such a blissful feeling of having 2 hours left! :) lovely!!

    have been feeling quite pleased today ! :)

  • Ha ha , oh isn't it a lovely feeling when you can go back to sleep for a coupla hours ? Fab !

    Great to hear you're feeling okay today and nowt fell off during the night :-) xxx

  • must get george back to his bed tonight, he's had 2 nights on the bed with Boz away! aah hes cute and doesn't snore TOO much!! never mind!!

    hes had a nice swim tonight so should be tired out! just found out what was buzzing occasionally in my lounge! one of these!


    luckily got to it before him and its off outside now!!

  • Brilliant Ali, that's a great time, sounded like a toughie run! Its hard running in this heat, so well done you! I hope you've had a rest today. Have you got anything else booked? x :-)

  • been at work but not too bad a day, and a lovely beach walk tonight :) legs are feeling fine! Yay! just Great South run booked in October at mo!

    Am contemplating this but its a really tough off road route! but i LOVE the medal!! :


    this club is supposed to be really good, am thinking of trying it out thurs eve maybe! ??!!

    if i get day off work want to do this too:


    we shall see!!!!!!!!!

  • It's good to have things in the diary! Lol, that off roader may be brutal but worth it for the medal. and you will feel a great sense of achievement with that one. The splashy one sounds like great fun I hope you get to do it x 😊

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