Bournemouth 10k -made it! :)

Well today was my first ever event, other than Parkrun, the Bournemouth Supersonic 10k ! Full of aches this morning from hotel bed ( travelled from IOW) my back was giving me trouble and day before had been my neck! Sure is was psychological as after watching the kids racing so well this morning and then went back and changed, felt much more positive ! Last minute loo stop, also psychological as I knew full well I was fine really but a bit of a ritual when going anywhere ! Great atmosphere, everyone jolly and happy and the sun had come out beautifully ! Saw Boz off to the faster white pen, and got in the 1st of the blue pen sections, looking out for fellow C25Ker Karlotta, but I didn't manage to see her , hope you enjoyed it too?

The music was blaring from heart fm to jig along to, alot of people were running in groups, I spoke to the lady next to me who was from a coach load of runners, most of whom were running in tomorrow s half and full marathons, and we wished each other a good run :) countdown from 10 over the speakers and we were off! Well kind of cos it took a while for the front runners to all get going and then... Yay, first bit of jogging, kept it steady to Boscombe pier, though 2nd k was 5.52 which was a bit speedy for me, looped round at the Pier then back towards Bournemouth, all aches ok at the 4k mark, breathing good still, got high 5'd by a nice foam Macmillan hand attached to a nice man that bucked me up ! Lots of spectators as we approached 2nd pier, ran up and round this one which was fun and very comfy on those wooden planks, then 5k marker, only 2.5k til turn around point then! Getting a few little niggles but not many, the 1st runner heading for the finish came past me at 32mins, he was going some ! Water station with kids giving out bottle s at 6k, onwards, was determined not to walk if possible! Jolly steel drummers pounded away, filling folk with a bit of oumph to keep usgoing . Boz passed me on his return going well !The turning point was slow coming, but once there the wind was behind us and end in sight ! Lots of support and kids shouting kind words, got another high 5 from another jolly man and passed a cheering Boz as I made my way towards the finish, I sped up and did a good old sprint to the finish, nearly zooming into the radio dj! Yay finished! Forgot to look on time of official clock but my garmin said 1hr 2 mins or so, I was aiming for under 1hr5 mins so was pleased with that! Collected medal and goodie bag, then evil steps down to the park , bit stiff now I'd stopped, and found Boz not far away !

We trooped on back and watched the other finishers and clapped them in. :) met a lovely lady at the finish who chatted away and said well done, she's doing the half marathon tomorrow :)

unconfirmed time came through via texts, Boz 47 mins 24 secs and me 1hr 1min 50 secs! ! :) yay! My last 10k beaten by nearly 6 mins ! Wandered through the stalls and tried the free sports massage( for donations), where I found out my neck aches were genuine after all by physio ! Very knotted and tight, she said! Cold now so we headed back for hot shower, change then off to see speed of light 5k which started at 7pm. Lots of fast finishers, but also fancy dress, and the crowds favourite, an older guy in a mankini ! :) excellent ! And a whole load of people from America including 80yr old couple who finished hand in hand to much applause! Saw everyone finish then pub tea in Bournemouth where I had a nice veggie curry, though all I fancied to drink was sparkling water, ! that was my exciting day, should get a bit of time tomorrow to see some of marathons before heading home :)

update.! Couldn't post this yesterday due to Internet probs in hotel!

results in! 1hr 1min 50 secs ,773rd out of 1322, Yay ! Pleased with that, and boz was 154th! Off to watch some more soon as Hotel traffic VERY noisy, looking forward to quiet tonight!

Photo to follow, !


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  • Congrats to you both, enjoy your rest you definitely deserve it

  • Thankyou! back home now relaxing! :)

  • Wow! That's fantastic and very inspirational as I've just signed up to one last night!! You must be so proud of yourself. Sounds like a great atmosphere. Very well done you!!! Enjoy your day.

  • Thanks Toonlou24! yes was a really good day, and got to watch the marathon today which was amazing! Good luck for your 10k, i'm looking round for another already! :)

  • Mine is February. Mad dog. Southport. Join us!!!!

  • Will have to think on that! Its a long way from the iow! But thanks for the invite, looks like a good one !

  • Ali that is fantastic, well done! Sounds like a great day and you did it in a super time! I shall look forward to seeing the pic later. Just in my way out so got to dash but had to log in and make sure you did it! Whoop whoop. Well done! X :-)

  • Thanks No-excuse for all your support, i was determined to make it round without walking and really enjoyed my day, pics are posted now :)

  • Well done, great achivement. Thanks for posting, I loved reading about your run.:)

  • thanks MrsSparkle feeling tired now back home ! :) it was really good fun! :)

  • Great write up, and well done - it was very well organised, and well supported especially round the pier and finish. The band was a highlight, reminding me of the GNR - I gave them a very big thumbs up?

    I finished in 43:12, 65th and for the first time ever in the top 10 vets - 7th.

    Unfortunately I was hardly able to walk last night and have an injury which doesn't feel good! I'll be looking for a physio tomorrow :-(

  • Wow Matp! thats amazing! CONGRATULATIONS! top 10 eh??!! yes it was a really good event, hope your physio sorts you out :(

  • Congratulations Ali, that sounds like a fantastic race and what a great time you got! :) You must be feeling so proud of yourself for all the hard work you've put in over the months to get to this point. Very well done! So, what's next? Not tempted by a HM?? ;)

  • Maybe next year! Watch H/M and marathon this morning, very impressive! :) Going to try and keep to my 3 runs of varying lengths now i've got in the swing of it! thanks for your support! :)

  • Wow! Brilliant - well done to you and Boz. Very impressive time too!

  • Thanks useitorloseit! back home on the IOW now after an exciting weekend! very pleased with my time! :)

  • Fantastic post Ali, you have captured the atmosphere really well, felt excited for you and Boz just reading it.

    Well done to you both, you did amazing, another one nicely tucked under your belt , great stuff !

    Looking forward to seeing the pics and the bling !

    Many many Congratulations to you ! :-) xxx

  • What a lovely weekend! :) pics are there but i know you've seen them now! :)

  • Amazing! Loved your post and what a great time as well. Don't forget to post a piccie :) Congratulations on a brilliant 10K race.

  • Piccies just posted! :) thanks i really enjoyed it! :)

  • Ooh well done! We must have been so close to meeting, I was in that first bit of blue too and was having a good luck round for you! We must have been pretty close while running too as I finished in 60mins and 4 secs! Just off to write my report!!

    What a fab day!

  • I know! you did SO well, maybe will go back next year and say hello! it WAS a fab day! :)

  • That is brilliant Aliboo! Well done indeed - and a fantastic time too 61 minutes!!! Cor blimey mate, you doing it good girlfrenn!!

  • Thanks SuperDan! was thinking positive and going for it! :)

  • Congrats Aliboo on your 1st event - and 6 minutes faster too!

    (from Alan in a green mankini at speedolite 5km)

  • managed to sort my justgiving account now! :) well done Alan on a stupendous effort!

  • Thanks Iron champ you were fab on Sat night and were looking good! You quite made my evening! I'm all recovered now and off to my club night tomorrow! :) It was a great weekend :)

    I'm having trouble logging in on my justgiving account,( as i have had previously, it won't let me reset password) have even tried setting it up via a new email and it still won't let me log in, so i will get on to them and then would love to put a donation on your page. A great cause, i have had mental health problems myself ,its great that you are doing something so positive in memory of your nephew.

    Hope your wife got on well yesterday, it was amazing to watch the half and full marathon runners coming through and see such determination and i found it all very inspiring. I've been running now for just over 9 months and have found it has had so many benefits, mentally and physically.

  • Thanks for sharing your story. I took up running at 30+ because my career-focus was causing me too much stress. My wife, Juliet did well and finished 3rd girl yesterday and was very pleased cos she was only planning to use it as a a 20-mile practice - for another marathon in France in just two weeks. Well done again to you! I wasn't up for 10km but hope to be fit again for a half marathon in November. So, keep going and take care.

  • Thanks Alan, its been good finding out about your story. I saw your wife coming through the finish, its my first experience of seeing a marathon and it didn't disappoint. Say "congratulations" from me! Yes, i'm planning to keep it up, its really good for de-stressing, and has given me a real focus to aim for. Thanks for getting in touch with me , i'm sure you made the Speed of Light event even more fun for lots of people, good luck with all your fundraising and future events to you and your wife :)

  • Thanks for your congrats to Juliet in the marathon and for your kind donation to Mental Health Foundation for my "speedo-lite" effort. ( See u next year perhaps!

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