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Week 8

Bit of a mixed week this week but completed all three runs so must be good.

Started on Tuesday morning by wondering where a footpath went and heading off into the unknown. Ended up on the sort of footpath that I'd only usually tackle with a map, compass and stout walking boots but was rewarded with wonderful views of the river and reed beds that I didn't know existed. Felt exhausted for the rest of the day but blamed it on the extra effort that went into running on the bumpy ground and avoiding stinging nettles.

Thursday was a "can't be bothered" sort of morning and I quickly clambered back under the duvet. Made up for it on Thursday evening but due to the warm weather I opted for the (supposedly air conditioned) gym rather than outside. Hit the treadmill for what I thought would be a relatively easy run with no hills, bumpy footpaths, dogs, dog poo, slippery wet grass, traffic, level crossings etc.

Five minutes in though and I felt awful. Decided that I must have had too little to eat or drink or something and that I was tired after work and I'd give up and try again tomorrow. Then thought about it some more and realised that I missed my views and the sense of achievement that I get when I pass some of the places on my usual runs. So..... I slowed down very slightly and started imagining all the wonderful views of the hills and the lakes and the river (and even the paper mill!). And I started imagining the view up one of my favourite paths with overhanging trees and the feeling when I come off it into a lovely big field (and start running downhill instead of up) and lots of other sections of my various routes.

And the running was easier..... and more fun..... and then I was very aware that I was back in the gym and a man was looking at me very strangely. And then I realised... I must have been grinning manically! I really was enjoying it!

Yesterday was back out in the real world looking at the views and thinking it was stupidly hot and I should have gone to the gym instead. No pleasing some people is there!

I've realised though that this running lark is really mental. And that I have actually managed to become one of those people who I envied who appeared to get on a treadmill at the gym, warm up for a few minutes and then just run!

Me! Running! :-)

(Thanks for "listening".)

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What a great picture you paint ! Good luck with your last week :)


Thank you.


Sounds like a really good week! All set to graduate.


That's the theory! :-)


Fantastic loved the post xxx




You must live in a lovely area. I agree I much prefer running outside, in fact the other day I saw a kingfisher (first time ever!) when I was on an early morning run.


Wow, never managed a kingfisher! Saw a squirrel yesterday.

It is a nice area but I've left out the dual carriage ways, industrial areas etc. I try to look round those at the nice views!


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