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Week 7 Done βœ…

Sunday morning- the sun is shining β˜€οΈ And I've scheduled a πŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈ for this morning. What was I thinking? Went to a wedding reception last night - not used to late nights or drinking! So tempting to cry off but trainers on & off I went. Lovely to feel the sun on my back after last weeks soaking. Otherwise it was hard hard hard. But it's done - just! Literally counted down the last minute- which I'm sure was more than a minute- good job the last bit is downhill! I'm at the end of the bridleway now - a long walk home but I do like a circular route. Week 8 on its way & another three minutes to find - so do I head on down the field - very lumpy bumpy - or turn up the footpath across the next field. Problem is it is up as well & it will be at minute 26 or 27. Is that just going to be too much at the end of the run? πŸ€” We'll see.... 😳 I love the countryside that I live in - it's beautiful rolling hills - but when running it would be nice if there weren't quite so many of them or if they weren't quite so rolling!! πŸŒ„

Good luck to everyone for their runs this week. 🀞

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Hey chunky - very well done you - Week 7 is bizarre isn't it, you just cant work out why the 3rd run seems so hard, when you've done the time previously. Week 8 and the extra 3 minutes, well i am finding it hard, I did a couple of flat runs in W7 and I have to say I regretted that when I got back to the hills. So now I am committing to do the rest of the programme in the hills even if it hurts. These weeks are when the Oldfloss mantra of going slow, slower and even slower make sense. I really focussed on speed (laughable that i consider it speed!) reduction and that is what has got me through.

I too love the rolling hills, but couldn't they just even out occasionally? Well done - we will hit the podium soonish...


Hi JCR - used to bemoan the ups falling in my run section when we had walking sections- now it's all run run run. Funny how I've been walking there's routes for years and apart from the obvious ones I've never noticed that there were so many ups & downs...... I've looked for a different route - but they all look worse & how will I know if I've improved if I change routes??? πŸ€”I'm decided that I'm sticking with this one until I graduate πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“(that's confidence for you) then I might tackle something different.... Ilove the buzz I get when I finish a run - is it ok to say that? - but the running itself is hard going - but I keep getting up & going out so subconsciously I must be loving it!! Keep up the good work & the entertaining posts. The rostrum awaits......πŸ˜—πŸ’


You have the self same logic as me here. If I change the route what if I suddenly made a big improvement but didn't know it. No change of route for me until after the G day. And up and down it is. But the way I rationalise is that one day when I run on the flat, all of a sudden I drop 2 minutes a km...🀞🏼


Well done ChunkyMonkey, another week crossed off. Unfortunately wherever I run it is either undulating or down right hilly so I opt for the undulating option. Remember we're still building stamina so go as slow as you like for the last bit and you'll do it. :)


Thank you BL - in the rain last week I was chasing the snails, I gave them a god run for their money....& I am getting sort of faster as I made it further down the bridleway each run in week 7!!

Watching the 5000m athletes in London at the weekend made me realise just how slow I go - even on good days - but then their track is flat & sprung.....oh & they're a lot younger & fitter than me - I'll put my excuse book away for now.

Let's hope the sunshine sticks around otherwise snails look out -I'm coming after you.... 🐌 πŸ˜† πŸ’

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I swear those pesky snails are getting faster ;)


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