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Week seven ✅


As planned a different route was taken tonight. It was along a cycle path bordering a river - so very scenic, lots of birds etc and mostly flat. My speedy friend accompanied me. No talking today - I meant business!

We managed to lose the cycle path in the first 0.5km and ended up running down a bumpy footpath with a LOT of gnats and other flying beasties - it was hard to know how to breath without inhaling or snorting them - and me a vegetarian!

Found the path again and all was back on an even keel - new dogs to meet and a couple of courting couples to surprise 😳, 😂 ha! we turned around at the bell and headed back. Tried to avoid the bumpy footpath and stay on the cycle path but the council had other ideas, were digging up a water main - and had set a diversion - by this time we had finished running and were totally lost and had to get a map up on the phone to find the car, so it took us 16 mins of cool down walk to get there. My Fitbit registered it as a separate walk.

It was a bit isolated to do on my own, but I’d try the trail lower down next time, I know it a bit better, and less insect life!

Time was best so far, (dropped a minute per km) and that’s despite feeling frustrated that I was so slow and cursing my friend under my breath for being so speedy!!

Earned my 🍷 tonight!

Happy weekend!

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Sounds fab. Well done 😀👍🏃‍♀️


Well done. It certainly sounds like an adventure.


Not sure how I missed your post but well done on your run. Your speedy friend is obviously working well as a pacemaker!

Sutsha in reply to Saartjie

I miss posts all the time and can see from the time I was online. It's quite annoying as I can see a whole convo unfolded that I would've liked to get involved in. Don't understand why I can't see it at the time.

SaartjieGraduate in reply to Sutsha

It's as bad as Facebook sometimes!

CrittermadGraduate in reply to Saartjie

That was my thought afterwards - at the time I was just muttering all the way around 😂


Well run. Smiled at surprising “courting couples”- that’s a phrase I’ve not heard in ages!

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