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First parkrun done!


well after graduating 3 weeks ago I decided today was the day to do my first parkrun, lovely sunny morning for it, actually a tad too warm even running along the seafront here. My time wasn't amazing 38:12 but it was below 40 minutes which was the aim of today. My amazing hubby who started to join me in my runs from week 5 onwards, put in a storming time of 23:50 ( he is 60). He is naturally fit though he hadn't run for years, before coming out with me on runs,( he left me for dead most of the time). Its nice to go out and do something together, even if he does have to wait for me at the end.!

Off to Silverstone next weekend for F1, but roll on following Saturdays parkrun.

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Fantastic! :)

i had to miss todays as 9.30 start at work, but should get there soon, its a nice route along by Appley towers :)

well done to both of you! :)

jenman1Graduate in reply to aliboo70

Thank you, was a lovely route on a lovely sunny morning, sorry you had to work so early, needs must!! I was amazed how friendly everyone was as well. XX

aliboo70 in reply to jenman1

yes they are a nice bunch! hope to see you there soon! :) sometimes i get an 11.30 start which is good for parkrun :) , next week is 10.30 so a bit of a push to get from Ryde to newport in time! :X


Well done on your first parkrun - it is rather addictive !

jenman1Graduate in reply to Girlyswot

Thank you, yep you are right about the addiction----cant wait for the next.X

Well done. That's another box ticked off then! Sounds a lovely run for both of you.

jenman1Graduate in reply to Irishprincess

yes thank you, next challenge to get a bit quicker! It was a lovely run this morning.XX


Congratulations and well done! I also did my first parkrun today and have been raving about it all day. Such an inspiring and motivating event, i can't wait for my next one.


Well I'm sure the park run will be more exciting than the F1, after watching F1 since the 70's I've given up on it its so processional unlike running, On the rare occasions I now see any of it, I just watching qualifying it saves me wasting a Sunday I know the result then


Well done you - remember you get a free Parkrun Running Vest after every 50 Parkruns - only 49 to go :)

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