W6R2 - best yet!!

As the title says. I absolutely loved tonight. I've seen posts about breathing and noticed graduates saying - it just clicked, and I now know what you all meant. It has indeed, just clicked. The first 3 minutes are ropey until my breathing settles into a nice pattern but tonight was 10min run 3min walk 10min run, and I never felt I had to stop early due to my breathing. In fact, near the end of the second run when Laura said I had 60 seconds left I sped up - with a big bloody smile on my face!! Still beaming from ear to ear.

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  • Well done getting the breathing right is definitely the key to success it still takes me up to 5 mins and once I have got it right I can keep going ! Well done for the accelerated last minute I did it for all my runs in 2nd half of program I liked to prove to myself I still had fuel in the tank and it always made the next stage easier mentally ! Hope the next few weeks go well you will soon be graduating ! Happy running :) :)

  • Well done pen.. I'm doing 6:2 tomorrow, hope I manage half as well as you seem to have ( biggie next!)

  • Awesome! Well done you! ๐Ÿ˜€ it sure does feel good doesn't it!!!!!!

    Congrats again and good luck for your next run๐Ÿ˜€

  • Brilliant - best part of the run that last 60s sprint :)

  • Well done Pen, it's a great feeling on that first time when you suddenly realise that you have been breathing correctly for most of the run without even thinking about it!

  • Congratulation. You a not only doing well but loving it obviously. Good on you.

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