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Week 6 rears its ugly head

Contrary to the generally perceived opinion just did week 6 run1... Found it much more enjoyable than the week 5 run 3 abomination... I like stopping to walk... If you get most sense of achievement AFTER you stop... Stopping 3 times in 30 minutes makes it all the more enjoyable surely? Maybe ill end up doing cycles of 10 minutes on one minute off? Keep the enjoyment alive , have it more often?

Oh I do hope I get to walk more in w6 r2 as well before the abomination that IS w6 r3!

Happy walking to all those that crash and burn on any run!! Don't be hard on yourselves, you're just doubling your pleasure!!!

Happy walking y'all... 😄 😄 😄 😄 😁

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W6r1 here tonight too. Loved it - certainly more than w5r3, which took me 2 attempts! I find my breathing regulates much better after a walk than if I just plod on.

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Here's to more happy walking ..

After all the Pen is mightier than these words.... ( see what I did there?) lol


I guess it's whatever floats your boat, AAM. Some love run/walk others hate it. In the end, as none of us are training for the next Olympics, we can just do what suits us best as individuals, after graduating. Best of luck with the rest of the programme. :)


We're NOT? *sits down in shock at the sudden realisation* but.. But... Who's GOING to represent us all the the newly created Olympic sport of ' slow 5 k jogging ' ? Oh well, I guess it WON'T be me then!


I have to say I felt the same. I actually looked forward to W 6 R 1 and knew I would do it and had a good run! Dreading r 3. However I want to complete all the runs and then I can decide what my future runs would look like. Have to say I am ready to run again by a minute so maybe with a few more long ones under my belt I will change my mind.


Well the thing about it is you notice how quickly you now recover... So obvious improvement there from w1, and I guess we all need to be constantly pushed and challenged to. Improve further... That's how we got this far! Good luck


Have you got the "Julie" earworm? :)


Not got to Julie yet, this weekend I think


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