Couch to 5K

Thanks to your support and stories just finished week 6 R3

There goes week 6

My knees feel like they're burning on the inside under my skin, calves are tight and if my shins were blood relatives they'd have excommunicated me about 21/2 mins into the run but I just ran for 25 minutes without stopping or walking (though for large periods it wasn't really any quicker than a brisk walk) and I'm proud, it may be the first time in my life I've done that.

Laura the lady who talks you through each run on the podcast said I'm now 'officially a runner' - and I only have 3 more weeks of the scheme left now!

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Good for you!... and yes, Laura has it right, you are now a runner. Welcome to the club. Speed is much over-rated (but will creep up on you later, never fear). Only 9 more runs til your graduation badge :) you are on the home stretch.


Well done. On the final stretch now :)


Huge congratulations to you! That is a massive achievement, and one which I can only dream of at the moment! You ARE a runner!


Well done. I did this run last night as well! A great achievement!


You are indeed a runner - well done :)


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