W7R1 the Buttermere bound

W7R1 the Buttermere bound

I was feeling a bit *delicate* after Thursdays staff awards evening (no photos of the new and improved legs, sorry, instead lots of photos of the carpet and out of focus shots....can't imagine why that was) so had another rest day on Friday and travelled up to the lakes for a walking weekend.

I completed my 25 minutes along the side of Buttermere in a rainstorm, complete with hailstones and the wind whipping across the lake against me...weirdly totally exhilarating! I'm used to running on the flat, this was awesome, I felt like an advert for trainers, leaping across the rivulets coming down off the mountain, up and down across tree roots...had to make a couple of enforced stops for gates but it was a really fab run.

I've often thought I don't go much faster than I walk, but I got down to the end of the lake in half the time it would normally take me to walk it, so I had a boost from that too :o)

Meanwhile at home... I saw from the brief phone signal and wifi access I've had that you lot have been storming ahead! I feel part of a little "cohort": Celtprof, sparky66, skyhigh26, shivani05, barmybint, JT24, not forgetting butchdingle... I'm pleased everyone's been making good use of the BH weekend, but need to pull my finger out a bit this week as I'm lagging behind...!

ps Charlie-dog thanks everyone for their comments on my last post; he knows how gorgeous he is :o)


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11 Replies

  • Aw bless I'm 😊  Great stuff Pam!  Exhilarating stuff indeed, and moving that bod either running, hiking, or just the daily walks with the dog will all pay off as will watching the eats ☺  your dog will love you for all this activity! 😊

  • Thank you! I'm re-doing week one with my teenager at the moment too, so def very active (just as well, as I'm really not watching the eats ;o)

  • I used to think I run in a nice enough place but, every time you post a photo, you make me so jealous!

    Next time, running advert girl, you should run wearing a jumper with the Nike full slogan ("Impossible is nothing. Just do it!") and the impression will be perfect. :D

  • Love it! Have to say it was a lovely run, definitely up there as one of my favourites, I admire anyone that can incorporate a hill though, I was pooped just going up little ones.

  • Simple lovely...I agree with secan..beautiful... what an advert! Your run sounds amazing... really jelly-bags! :)

  • Fabulous photo - you do indeed look like a poster girl (and dog!) for C25K!

  • Ok, ok, *blush*! There were plenty of duff photos of me gurning I didn't post ;o)

  • Wow, looks fantastic there Pam

  • Thank you, the photo was taken from the top of castle crag in Borrowdale, nice short climb, really good views!

  • Gorgeous pic!

  • Your posts do make me smile,  and the views in this picture are awesome beat my views of a main road and a motorway any day of the week.

    Well done on the run but that goes without saying :)

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