Ouch! W6r3 done - please tell me it gets easier!!!!

Ouch! W6r3 done - please tell me it gets easier!!!!

First, sorry for big upside down pic of my cat if it's there - brain has officially gone to pot through lack of oxygen brought on by running - uploaded by accident and can't delete. Doh.

So..... Had a big grin on my face when Laura congratulated me and said I was officially a runner. BUT I found it tough and the last 5 minutes seemed like an eternity! Now dreading the last 3 weeks. It's been a struggle to get this far as I had to take a week out with sore tendons after W6r2, repeat that week and an extra run 2. Now my calves are REALLY tight and sore despite gentle warm up exercises, stretching pre & post run, correct footwear etc, and I feel I'm never going to get there. Just need another dose of inspiration from this wonderful site and some advice on my stupid tight calves!!! And sorry about the cat again.

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  • you will get there, it will get better, and you have done really well so far. I cant advise on the calves though - although one thing someone once said to me was to help loosen calf muscles, run your foot over a golf ball, as it helps release the ligament or something. I don't know if it worked or if they would have got better by themselves, but i did it morning and night for a week and I've never had the same problem since. It was a bit painful on the foot at the time, but maybe worth a go?

  • Thanks helcl - deffo worth a try especially as it worked for you!

  • Well done for coming so far! And you'll get there - you've done all the preparation runs so far so you'll cope just fine! Have you tried rollering your calf muscles? I read one article which said that a chocolate milkshake as soon as you finish helps with muscle ache.

    Very pretty cat you have - even upside down. The only way you can sort him out is to rotate the picture in your browser, delete this post,set up a new one and it should load the other way up.

    Good luck for your next few runs - the finish line is in sight!

  • Chocolate milkshake - that's my kind of remedy!!! Will try and sort cat out once brain recovers. Many thanks!

  • Don't worry about the cat, he looks like he's staring at us from a high shelf, wondering why we're all running around. He's lovely!

    So does it get easier? No! Because as soon as it does you'll be pushing for further or faster which will make it harder again. But yes, 25 minutes will become easier. Take care not to overdo things though if you're getting aches and pains. Take it gently and slowly. Enjoy!

  • Thanks Beads - he does stare at me like I'm bonkers when I'm contorting myself during warm up exercises. The (not so) secret goal lurking in the back of my mind is 10k by September, but a pain free 5k would be glorious!

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