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5th outdoor 5k run - sub-25!

5th outdoor 5k run - sub-25!

Since a rubbish 27m:38s just over 2 weeks ago in which I started off slow with a view to gradually going faster, I've done nothing but interval stuff on the treadmill, based on Laura's "speed" podcast:

15 minute sessions of:

- 1min at 9.5km/hr then 1min at 13, 14 or 15 km/hr. About 7 or 8 reps of that.

BOY does they work!

Done that session 6 times and went for an outdoor 5k this lunchtime.

BOOM!! Sub 25!

24:57 :-) A whole 1min 15secs of my previous PB. Have some of that! :-)

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Get in ! Back of the Net !!!

Well done John, that is Fast, Superfast , Insanely Fast ! :-D

Cor blimey, I need to sit down for a rest after reading that :-) xxx


Aww, thanks Poppy! Nice to make your acquaintance :-)

Here's the thing - I know there's more to come :-)

But I tell you, if you want to go faster, that interval stuff is very very effective.



And it is very nice to make your acquaintance too ! :-)

Sounds like you've got lots more tiger in the tank , John !

Yes, there is a group doing intervals at the running club I have just joined. It looks a bit scary for me at the moment, but who dares wins and all that ,I will probably have a bash at it sooner or later ! :-) xxx

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now that is what you call improvement :D hard work always pays , well done on the PB's :D

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Hey Rob, thank you!

Yeah, that interval stuff is amazingly effective and efficient. Will certainly carry on with it.



Wow - that is impressive. I wouldn't call 27mins rubbish - I am looking forward to it! Go, go and keep going!

Ps: I will start looking at the interval podcast once I have my 5 and 10k events out of the way next month.

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Thank you Dashar!

Honestly, the interval speed training is SO effective ... Between this run and my last 5k (1 June) I only did the interval stuff - and look what happened! Amazing :-)


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