9r3 done, 30 mins and a 5k run, Where can I get one of those green badges!!

Well, as I posted before, I was going to take it easy, going to make sure I could complete the run, not take any risks...!

Right! Anyone who really knows me would have discounted that straight away.

I set up the treadmill yesterday to give me two set speeds: 9.8 and 10.7km/hr with a cycle time of 1 min 15 seconds. I was to try for the 5K and the 30mins - a mean feat, but worth a try.

Tonight after having worked from home all day with the treadmill in the same room looming, I put the dinner on and got in the zone. I donned my coolest running gear and off I went. It was a hard at 5mins, harder at 15mins and then even harder. The 10.7km/hr sections were a tester, but in comparison the 9.8 felt like a rest.

With a minute left, I thought I was going to miss the 5k mark - this was not going to happen on my grad run. I increased to 11km/hr and pushed on through past the goal shouting and whooping as I went.

Done it - 5.02km in 30mins! Heart rate off the chart, Polar watch screaming, but I am a Graduate now and I feel great!!!!!!

Probably wont be able to walk tomorrow, but heh, it will have been worth it (I think!).

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  • Oh my! Congratulations - hope you'll be feeling good tomorrow too! That is some achievement.

  • Thanks very much. You were a great help and inspiration.

  • Brilliantly well done!! Fantastic stuff!! If you can't walk tomorrow yoou 'll be reminded that you've RAN 5km IN 30 MINS!! ;-)

    Get that badge ordered!!

    Ali x

  • Thanks very much. Today I still feel OK, so all good.

  • Congrats, I too am awaiting the green badge after today's grad run. I didn't do it in as finer style as you however, that is an impressive performance!

  • Thanks, I see you have yours too now. Don't they look great!

  • yes they do :-)

  • Congratulations on pushing through and meeting your goal! Be honest though, you couldn't have done it without your coolest running gear on, right? :D

  • Thank you. You are right about the running gear, though I will try again tomorrow with different kit, so let's see.....!

  • Congratulations on graduating in such fine style - and look at your beautiful shiny badge!

  • Thank you. I have busy all day and a late lunch and there it is.....!

    I never thought a small green label would look so good and mean so much.

  • Loving those green badges, shinjin and bluepiano! Makes you look all grown up! :)

  • I know, it has such a symmetry and generally awesome look to it. A really nice surprise this afternoon when I saw it.

  • Now that is spooky seeing the postcomments rom greenlegs and mine, both with the graduate badges. Looks amazing!

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