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W9 r3 - Graduation!

Hey readers!

I hope you had a lovely weekend and have started this week on a plus. Hope the running is going well, as well as whatever else you spend your spare time doing.

I put off w9r3 for some reason. I did w9r1 this time last week and did r2 on Wednesday. I can't think of any good reason why I didn't do it on Friday or Saturday. The weather was lovely and I didn't have much else to do.

My iPod (along with the c25k podcasts) had crashed on getting home after work today so I decided to take along my phone with the 'Adidas mi coach' app, but also had my temperamental smartband and Lifelog on my phone recording my progress. At the end of the run the two apps had different results, and I don't know which one to believe. Though, I am happy with both.

I had Adidas telling me my progress every 10 mins and on hearing I had run 6.1ish after 30 mins I pushed on to run 40 minutes.

Lifelog: Time running: 40 mins, distance: 7.7km, average pace in mins per km: 05:10.

I'm obviously very happy about that result and have thus graduated from the couch to 5k challenge!

I'll post a picture on the next post of what 'mi coach' said. Post title - 'Graduated on Monday - 10k on Wednesday?'

Thanks for your time :) Feeling pretty chuffed with myself and will continue running without a doubt.


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Congratulations on your graduation Mike. Is this your second time around? I see that you are young (compared to moi!) and so if you feel ok and have no aches and pains then give it a go but it is a big increase! The sensible approach is to increase your total weekly distances by no more than 10%. Only you can decide what will work for you. Good luck.


Congratulations on Graduating. Great feeling isn't it

Apply the 10% rule and build up gradually. Take your time. Running a little bit further each week - not each run - is the best way forward. Go steady. You have all the time in the world.


Thanks MissWobble :)

I will build up gradually and have decided I won't try 10k tomorrow. Thank you for your comments on this post and the related one - it's people like you that make this forum the success that it is :)


Thanks IrishPrincess :) I started the C25k before some years ago but didn't get past w5r2. On starting again this time I started on w5r1. At the age of 25 I managed to go from no running for about 4 years to running w5r3 in a week so I don't feel as daunted by the 10% rule as perhaps I should. I have had no aches today but I'll see how I feel tomorrow. If after running 40 minutes I don't feel any different than I did yesterday then maybe I'll carry on for another 5 - 10 mins and see how I do. I'll aim for 10k in the next week or so, no hurry :)


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