Ok sorry to bore you all but had to post today. Well actually got my first sub 30 minute 5k. I didn't think it would happen today as I had a sore calf, but I thought I would run anyway. After my first time check I thought hmmm this might be the day and so it was. Ran 29.32!!! Could not believe it, I am still smiling. Never ever thought it would be possible when huffing my way through a 1 minute run all those weeks ago.

The moral of this story is if you are struggling keep going because you can do it!!

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  • Excellent! Well done. You should be well proud

    Have you done your post run stretches?


  • Yes misswobble I'm a stickler for stretching, I never miss a stretch after my activity.

  • Great run, always lovely to get a personal best! X

  • It sure is especially the first sub 30minute 5k.

  • Nice one Mat! I think you'll be smiling all day.

  • I certainly have been :-)

  • Brilliant! Well done! Not boring at all - we absolutely get it!

  • Thanks ullyrunner.

  • Fantastic, well done. Great to share the success! :)

  • Yep this forum has really helped me in my running.

  • well done mat30 thats a brilliant achievement, and with 28secs to spare!! :)

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