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Thanks Garmin - Another PB

First Parkrun with my Garmin today and used the 'pace' feature to help improve my time. Last time but one, I was being harried by another guy and that got me doing sub 5 minute km. I didn't sustain it but for a short while I had the idea that I might, just might, get a sub-25 minute time. Now that would be something else!

So today, I tried to use the Garmin to go for 5mins splits all the way. And it worked. My previous PB was 25 minutes 22, Today? 24 mins 33.


Mind you, my 'Parkrun Extra' where I try to do the Parkrun again in the reverse direction took over half an hour. So what I gained on the first five, I lost in the second. But I reckon that can be worked on ...

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Wow that's a really impressive time, that is SOOO fast. I bet you felt terrific after? It's good to always have something to aim for!



I keep worrying that my best time is a flash in the pan and that I'll never get anywhere near as good again ... ever. But the PB just keeps coming down. Yesterday was pretty tough though - this time I honestly don't know if I could do it again, never mind beat it. But I agree absolutely about having something to aim for. I said a few weeks ago that my goal for the end of the summer would be to get under 21 minutes - that would get me just outside the top ten of our rather small Parkrun group (abut 80 yesterday I think). Totally unrealistic for me to do that kind of time. But it does no harm to try ...

As a new sllimline model and fab runner, you've had great achievements recently too, so you know all about visualising yourself at the end of the journey and how much that helps you carry on.


You know... I think you can do that. I totally believe a lot of our barriers are those mental ones and the gremlins that perch on our shoulder... My current goal is to do 5k in under 30mins by the end of summer and a 10k in 60. I actually really want to sign up for the Bristol half marathon as it coincides with my 43rd birthday. Just to get through and get the t shirt will be an achievement but I feel gutted that my son wouldn't be able to do it. He's done extensive Internet searches and found he can't do one until he's 17. He plans to do the paris one first which i would so love to do. 'Helpfully' his dad said he can run the length of a marathon when he beats everyone at parkrun. That's 18 minutes!!! Poor lad he doesn't stand a chance.

Have a great day and lets go grab those goals and surpass them :)


Paris marathon sounds really cool! You should try for it too. My son's partner (until recently) was a sport science graduate and she told me that if you can run 6Km you can run any distance - the body is at a level that it can just keep going as long as there is energy left to burn. I was a bit sceptical but having done my first "Parkrun Extra" (where I do the Parkrun again in the reverse direction) on the spur of the moment one day, I discovered that I managed it quite easily. Then, at the end of the 5x50 Challenge, I had the crazy idea of doing the equivalent of a half marathon ... again, without any specific preparation, I thought I would be walking half of it. But no, I ran start to finish and wasn't particularly tired at the end. I really do think I could manage a marathon tomorrow. I would be slower than a slow thing ... but I'm sure I would get to the finish.

Where I'm going with this is that you should just set out one day when you're feling good, and try for the 10k, and after that try 11k. 11 is quarter of a marathon ... It's then (in my case at least) just a case of saying that there's not much difference between 1/4 and 1/2 ... take a depp breath and go for it. I think you could do that veryy soon. Then, if you can do 1/2, surely it can't be that much more effort to keep going for the other half? As you say, it's the gremlin on your shoulder (in my case it's a chimp). Just put it back in its cage and we can achieve anything. I used to think that was a load of tosh. But these days I quite believe it. I'll never run a mile in 3 minutes ... just not physically possible at my age now. But anything that is physically possible? I just know I could do it if I decide I really want to. Or is that just wishful thinking on a bright sunny morning? :)

Right - I didn't mean to write all that, sorry. Now I'd better get on with writing my business plan today. I guess that's physicallly possible so I just need to really want to do it ...


you are so right...I have been thinking about this all day, and it makes sense what your ( until recently) sons partner said. I so get that....when Leon and I were doing our 10k's I get to a point halfway and I just get 'in the zone'...its a slow, steady pace but I feel I can just keep going. I just love the feeling.

Its interesting as I have joined a few running forums on Linkedin and posted a question about children and running. This woman has got back to me saying her twins at 11 ran half marathons ( she's American). We are NOT pushy parents, in fact sadly the opposite. He is as we speak on his new rowing machine he persuaded us to buy from Ebay ( 23 quid, 80's style with a fan) in order to build his stamina fitness level for running.

Decided we are going to have fun tomorrow after I get back from work and we will do a 10k on the strawberry line....I can't wait, it will keep me going all day as I am in the office ( which I hate!).

Business interesting, I hope that is for you not a worky thing for someone else. I hope you made some headway?I had a very bad experience with pulling one together in my old job a couple of years ago, and it nearly finished me off ( mid life crisis at same time).

I so appreciate your words and wisdom and absolute inspiration....thankyou so so much :)


Yes - the plan's for myself. One of the 'benefits' I've found since becoming a new man is that I no longer suffer nonsense from those with power over my destiny but for whom I have no respect. A common problem I imagine. But a few months ago I mentioned that I might be prepared to leave ... and we're now just finalising the package. I'm going back to self-employment and being responsible for my own future.

I'm sure it'll be OK but I'm just standing at the ege of a cliff, getting ready to take the step off solid ground. Scary, but so was starting to lose weight and get fit. And that seemed to turn out OK :)

Re your son - couldn't you make a mistake when inserting his age? It's easy to get silly things like this wrong ... I can't imagine anyone would be checking.


I am so impressed....a whole new adventure for you, I bet that business plan rocks. It takes alot of courage to make that leap...I think my husband should too ( hes an architect) and that was the plan since I started working in Devon, however we have just got caught in a rut ( me commuting from Bristol and him working crazy hours).

Poor Leon is only 11, and hes not that tall, but I could stick a beard on him perhaps :) :)


That is a great time! My next 5km aim is a sub 25 min run, so I hope to join you in a few weeks time!


Thanks - and congratulations on graduating. If I can do it, so can you, so just go for it! Good luck and let us all know how things go.


Wow Malcy you must have rocket fuel in your veins :) Thats an amazing time, well done, you really do inspire people to get out there and GO.But yesterday after doing such a good time you just about turned and did the same distance again in reverse and I have no doubt you will be doing that in a sub 25 in a short time.

Just a word of warning to anyone this God of Hell Fire comes near when running, anchor yourself down or you will be blown away by the downdraft ;)


Congratulations on a new PB.

Haven't graduated yet, but I am watching my pace, and how far I run each podcast, to try and get an idea where my first 5K time will be. I hadn't considered getting into the lower 20's but am inspired by everything you have written here. Particularly intrigued by the 'If you can run 6K, then you can run as far as the fuel lasts' bit. That sounds unbelievable, but you seem to have pretty much proved it. The underlying point you make though, pace is one thing, doing it is another. And the latter has to be the most important.

BTW, what Garmin device are you using, and is it really any better than using RunKeeper on my Android?

Well done again.


It's a Garmin Forerunner10. I only got it a week or so ago - for the Great Trail Challenge. I haven't used RunKeeper, but had been using Nike+ (using the sensor) and Endomondo (GPS), both for over a year. I was getting inconsistent results, basically because the sensor senses a step irrespective of length (so short strides up hill counted the same as a long stride going down hill) and the GPS in phones seems to be less accurate than in specialist devices.

I finally decided to make the change after seeing a post by landesman where he posted a link to his starts on the Garmin web site. Very impressive - here's my stats for yesterday's Parkrun:

The Forerunner lists at £99.99 but Halfords is doing it for £88. I went to run4it and blagged a10% discount on the basis of "I'd like to give you the business, but Halfords price is too good to ignore" So I paid £89.99 - I'd have spent more than £2 driving to Halfords

Hope that helps


Thanks for that. I would agree a dedicated 'GPS Device' will always be better than a phone that is busy doing everything else. RunKeeper has given me some varying results, but on the whole is a nice way to track what you are doing. Oh, and it is FREE!!

I took a look at your link, it looks good. 8:08 min/mi, that is pretty darn good!!!! I have a little way to go to meet that, at best I am just over 10min/mi, and I am not running full distance yet.

Maybe something I will consider post graduation.



> I went to run4it and blagged a10% discount on the basis of "I'd like

> to give you the business, but Halfords price is too good to ignore"

> So I paid £89.99 - I'd have spent more than £2 driving to Halfords

My local Run4It is great for discounts too. They gave me a 10% discount for my FR10, even though the discount voucher I had was due to expire before they had the FR10 in stock (it was new on the market last October). And last month I got 10% off my Innov8 trail shoes after admitting I'd lost the voucher I was given in a recent race goodie bag.


There are some good people in this world after all. Just shows it's not all about squeezing the last penny out of a customer - I bet that shop will be your first choice now.


I use the FR10 as well - have had it for about two weeks now and I'm in love! I got mine off Amazon for £89.99 (some colours are that price, others are £99.99) - I had some vouchers too so it worked out cheaper.

For me one of the huge benefits of using that as opposed to an app on my phone (the awfulness of my phone at retaining a GPS signal aside) is that I can check it to see my pace and distance while running.


Brilliant running, Malcy. The final lap was an impressive time.


Good to see that the God of Hell Fire is still rocking! :)


Great going Malcy! :)


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