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10k PB!

I don't post too often around here but I do lurk around for a few minutes most days reading some of the inspiring stories from you guys. :) But today I thought I just had to post one of my own, I just had to tell somebody what a great run I had last night!

I started C25K back in August with the main goal of returning to a state of reasonable fitness following a far too sedentary life at university! I was done by October this year and after a few weeks of the C25K+ runs I started Bridge210k (Sam Murphy's podcasts - she's no Laura but some of the music is better!). Last night was my Week 4 Run 3 of B210k and it was a very chilly night! I thought I was running through the set of The Exorcist at times the way the fog and mist was hanging around the lamp posts (although the excess outdoor christmas lights make everything seem happier). The podcast was three 18 minute intervals and because I run a set route regularly when Sam told me I was done I knew how close I was to my 10k marker - so as I was feeling good at the time I pushed on and I am so glad I did the extra 5 minutes!

I was very happy to have recorded 10.1km in 58 minutes! Getting it under an hour was my goal to see out 2012 so I'm more than pleased to have done it with a few weeks to go until the New Year. I hope everyone else is making progress and you all complete the personal goals you set out for yourselves in 2012 - or perhaps you already have hit them! I'd love to hear about it. :)

Happy running!

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Well done to you. Never mind the PB (although that's obviously brilliant), but for getting out running last night. It was perishing out there! I know because I went out to see if I could see any meteors (Geminids meteor shower). Unfortunately it was rather cloudy so could not even see the stars, but was secretly rather relieved as it meant I could quickly get back to the warm house!

Today I was due for a run of 25 mins. We were on the dividing line between the frost and the incoming rain - freezing cold AND damp. I chickened out and went to the gym and did my 25 minutes on their treadmill in the warmth. :D


Sounds like a fantastic run! Well done for getting to your goal before the end of the year. Now you'll have to set a new one. :) I'm still plugging away on the 5k+ podcasts to get my time below 30min for 5k. Once I've done that I might try the Bridge to 10k podcasts. Where did you find them? Are they on the nhs website?


I got them from this blog post, you'll have to thank Andystev and CaroleC!

Thanks for the comments everyone.

Christian, I had no idea Thursday night was the Geminids! I didn't see anything while I was out there but I wasn't really looking, it was definitely on the cold side though.

I hope the run went well today sfb350! :)


That is a fantastic achievement, way out of my league, lol Well done!


Very impressive - well done !

I haven't improved my 10k time at all - injury and health keep interrupting my training. I'm hoping to be mended enough to run in a 10k race tomorrow but I think I'll be taking it easy.


well done! I've started to head towards 10K but have only recently graduated C25K and am still working on my time for that at the same time as 10K training.

That's a very respectable time :-)


Well done on a terrific time and on achieving your goal. I had two goals going at the same time, like vixiej - 5k under 30 minutes and 10k. I managed 5k in 29 minutes and 51 seconds this week and am planning to try the 10 k on Christmas Eve. Wish me luck! I know I won't be anywhere near your record, but it'll be a first for this 51 year old! Merry Christmas!


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