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Liverpool marathon inspiration

Noooooo! Not me silly...but I accidentally booked a night out in Liverpool on the Rocknroll marathon weekend! Watching those runners close up on Sunday morning was wonderful, 15,000 people of all ages, shapes n sizes, wondered how many were C25K'ers!! It was truly breathtaking and I found it emotional, I think because I now have some insight into their dedication, madness, willpower. Not to mention what must be driving them, their stories, charity connections, loved ones. And I spotted a friend, it was great to give her a shout, cheer her on. Made me wonder.......she started running last year! Hmmmm??!!!!!

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Hmmmm indeed 😊 i did a half marathon after running for 12 months. Maybe you could have a crack at that first. It's tiring so you have to put the training in, which can be a chore. That's the downside though ☺


Thanks MissW! I need to crack 5k first, then 10k, then we'll see haha, it was so uplifting though to see close up, just day dreaming! :)


Well, the logical progression is most sensible and will make your life easier. Your body as to keep pace with your ambitions

Getting to the various milestones is great fun but do take your time


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