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I'm an inspiration!

My best friend says so :D

I kept fairly quiet about doing C25k while I was following the programme but once I graduated I posted my success on facebook as i was sooooo proud of myself.

I don't live near my best friend anymore and we meet up every few months, but mainly keep in touch by FB and text. She sent me a message the other day saying she was really proud of me and I had inspired her to have a go at running! Today she sent me a pic of her in new lycra and trainers! I'm hoping we can run together soon!

II'm over the moon that my journey has inspired her, the woman who runs her own arts based business and brings up three small children and inspires me every day!

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That's a great story, if we could all inspire just one person to take up running what a difference it would make


I'm working on my sisters aswell (family holiday at the moment) and have at least got them thinking. I'm not really one for blowing my own trumpet (at least not face to face with real people) but they're doing it for me at the moment - casually mentioning how I ran 5k this morning while they went walking and it's really quite sweet. I hope it will inspire them - a seed has at least been planted!


That's really lovely Kim. I'm sure your friend will love the programme and you'll keep spurring her on all the way. Good stuff :)

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It's great how this programme spreads isn't it

I initially found it and told my wife about it, her and her best mate are now on week 5, the wife also went out for a meal with another friend last week and she started Week 1 on Monday.

The wife and I are convinced there are more runners about lately too.



Inspirational role model - go you!

I kept quiet until end of week 6, until Laura says the words 'you are a runner'!

It is a shame in some ways that we can't get a c25k running top or a sweat band or something- something that gives us all a 'nod' to the club we are in/ graduated from and to give a pointer to anyone we may be inspiring whilst out plodding :)

How lovely that you will be able to support your friend on her mission too, and you will be able to 'talk shop' with someone who will get exactly what you mean :)

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There's a badge and a t-shirt. I got my tee. There's a pinned link somewhere x

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Oooh, I didn't realise :) I shall go searching, thanks :)


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