Parkrun II - The Sequel

Did my second Parkrun this morning and after not running since Wednesday and consequently feeling really fresh and strong, I was really confident of a good run. Add to that that it was a cool, overcast morning and that I managed to get a good starting spot, slap bang in the middle, everything was well set to go out and smash my previous PB.

As it turned out, I really could not ask for more and I was able to finish in 27:15 which is more than 2 minutes faster than my first/last attempt.

There was still some congestion in the first 600-700m but not as bad as last time and I was mentally prepared for it this time. I, anyway, prefer to start out a little bit steady just to keep some oxygen and some energy in reserve.

I found myself glancing at my Garmin a lot less than normal but I had a little bit of a mental wobble at the 3k mark when the beep revealed that I had done the previous kilometer in 5:08 which is so much faster than I had ever run before. At that point I was feeling it but still felt OK-ish and I tried just to throttle back a tad. That wasn't as successful as I planned as it seemed like I was still being towed by the crowd and the 4th K was still pretty brisk at 5:14. Thankfully I didn't run out of gas but didn't have too much left for a finishing spurt. 5:10 for the final kilometer.

At the end, I literally could not believe that I was able to do that. I had thought that 28:30 might be on the cards but not anything in the 27's. Now that I am back home, I actually have slightly mixed feelings because I absolutely know that I will never make that sort of improvement on my 5k PB again.

I got a bit of bad news too. Before the start, I was chatting with a couple of guys who normally do the Orpington Parkrun and who, like me, are entered for the Tonbridge Half Marathon. They advise that the course is NOT "fast and flat" as described by the organisers but really undulating and "a bit of a toughie". Bummer!

Not sure when my next Parkrun will be but it is possible that it won't be for a couple of months.

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  • brilliant...well done you, thats a fantastic time and one I will only ever dream of.....

  • Thanks JJ. It does help that the course is pretty much pancake flat. I think I would probably turn around and go home if I was faced with the course that you did this morning.

  • Wow! What a fantastic time and a huge chunk knocked off your last run! And hey -future improvement s may not be so huge but I suspect you will keep going in the right direction for quite some time yet. Well done!

  • Thanks Sandra. You are right, of course. It would be pretty dumb to be more happy with a slightly slower time just because it gave more potential improvement in the future. Fingers are still crossed for your recovery.

  • Thanks Dunder, saw a physio yesterday which was so worthwhile. Had some ultrasound and massage on the scar tissue/injury site and have got some strength and flexibility exercises to do. Hopefully will be able to start running again in 3-4 weeks. May be a way off yet, but having already been on the injury couch for three and a half weeks, I am technically half way there!! Will have to ease back gently but have been told it is ok to do some gentle bike rides now.

  • Wowsers, that's amazing progress Mr D! Never say never... maybe you'll knock more time off it still and even if you don't, it's an impressive pace you have there. As for the route that may or may not be more difficult than you thought... why don't you check it out online?

  • Thanks Mfam. If you had told me, even a month ago, that I could run 5k in that time, I would have said you were nuts. Well you are nuts but you know what I mean ;)

    For the HM, I know most of the roads reasonably well from driving them but one thing I have realised since taking up running is that roads you think of as being flat from a car are sometimes anything but. Nearer the time, I will walk the route (probably in sections) just to see what it is really like.

  • I have my official nutter badge and wear it with pride. Walking the route sounds like a good plan - don't let people try to scare you. Maybe they saw how fast you run and have decided to put you off the HM incase you show them up :D

  • He he, if only. These guys were really quick. The one who told me about the HM course was aiming for 20 minutes!

  • I hope you're referring to the park run and not the HM there ;)

  • Great run, mate. Superb time - and looking at your splits is interesting - you went off reasonably comfortably and really sped up as the run progressed!

  • Cheers Steve. I tend to start out steady anyway but today was dictated by congestion.. Nonetheless that last 3k was much faster than I expected to be able to do. Even though I didn't feel too bad at the 3k mark, I did have a bit of a shock/panic when I saw 5:08 for the 3rd K. That was completely uncharted territory and am still surprised I didn't completely run out of gas.

    Lots of nice slow runs for the next couple of weeks - bliss!

  • wow dunder that is a cracking time :D super well done :D

  • Thanks Rob.

  • Well done, that is a great time you must be well chuffed! I help out at my local park run, haven't quite got the courage to go for it yet, but I think running in a group must spur you along.

  • Thanks MG. Yes, really chuffed.

    I will go along in two weeks time as a volunteer. They do a great job and I am sure you too.

    Running in a group does tow you along and it seems to me that most people go off too fast as a result. When you do finally give in to the temptation, I am sure you will have a blast.

  • Thanks! Will let you know when I finally pluck up courage! You're right they do go off too fast (too fast for me anyway!!!) ๐Ÿ˜

  • Take a bow Mr D ! :-)

    Excellent , Congratulations to you xxx

  • Thank you Pops. No bowing though - I don't want to risk doing my back in :)

  • Wow that's a fantastic time, and I bet you go on to improve on that too. Well done and Im sure the half will be fine- just go and enjoy it x :-)

  • Thanks NE. I hope you are right - on both counts.

    Coincidentally, the same guy said that Paddock Wood was the quickest HM route in our area. I recall that you weren't able to run fast this year because you accompanied someone else.

  • Yes its fast and flat. I think I did myself a favour running it slower than I maybe could have and I have very happy memories of an enjoyable run and was so pleased just to be able to complete it. And I'm not that fast anyway, but next year, zoom, I'm gonna go for it! x :-)

  • Wowzeree what a great time. I haven't even managed the sub 40 mins yet never mind a time like that.

    Very impressive Dunder, very impressive indeed. X

  • Thanks Noaky.

  • Nice One Dunder!! At least it gives you something to chase.

    You may be right though.....I set a parkrun PB last June, knocking a load off my previous, and predicted that it would take quite a while to match.......I have come within five seconds of it at parkrun and have done an unofficial (Runkeeper) time on a different route, a bit faster, but it is still standing. That's my target for this summer and I am just waiting for the day when all things feel right. I have often set PBs after a period of rest.

    Unless your first two Ks were slow (and you say not), then if you averaged 5:14/k your time should come out at 26:10. Brilliant......but may take even longer to crack.

  • Thanks IT.

    My first 2k were much slower, partly due to congestion at the start and partly due to me not wanting to gas myself.

    There is no way I could sustain the 5:14/km pace for the full 5k today but, you are right, it is something to aim for. I do feel that I still have good amount of improvement to come and that really should be the case given that I only graduated 4 weeks ago, it's just that time improvements from here will be much, much smaller.

  • Brilliant Dunder that's a great time

  • Thanks GF.

  • Blimey Dunder you really are a speedy gonzales(don't know how to spell that!)

    wow turns out i was right!

    i digress.................

    very well done, thats a brilliant parkrun time! :)

  • Arriba Arriba :)

  • Wow! That's a seriously good time Dunder and your pace is impressive. Well done you.

  • Thanks IP.

  • Excellent, Dunder! Now did I not say on your previous parkrun post you'd be knocking off a minute or two from your next one? Told you so! (she says smugly). And I know there will be further improvement still over the next few months...

  • Thanks Turbo and yes, you did. Although I seem to recall that I, somewhat immodestly, agreed with you.

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