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I can do this... it ain't pretty but I can now run 30 mins. Week 9 run 1 tells me I can. Trouble is I only cover 3.6km. So will have to run for about 45 to make the whole 5k which I'm due to run next Sunday. I started this 11 weeks ago at 20 stone 9. I am now 17 stone 11 so am nearly at a two stone loss. The couch 2 5k has helped me so much. I was worried by the fact I didn't manage a 5k in 30 mins but after lots of thinking... I'm ok with it. More than ok. I can now jog for 30 minutes without stopping or giving up. At the start of this journey 11 weeks ago I couldn't do it for 60 seconds. So all the larger people out there. If I can do it at 20 stone so can u. Please don't give up or be too hard on yourself. It's so worth it. Fingers crossed I'm saying that after next Sunday! Xx


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  • Wow. Well done you on losing weight and being able to run for 30 minutes and getting fitter. Keep going you're smashing it 😁

  • I'd like this post to stay at the top of the list because I think you are amazing. You are an absolute star for starting this, let alone getting to the end.

    And I don't think the 5K is always achieved by the end of the 9 weeks - 30 minutes doesn't guarantee 5K - that is much more individual. I certainly won't achieve it.

  • Thanks really kind thanks. I've come to learn that I'm really not fussed about the time element. The fact my backside runs for 30 mins and wobbles a slight less than it did 11 weeks ago is enough for now! Good luck on your journey x

  • Wow this is amazing and is good for me to hear I'm 16st 11!! I feel so conscious but I know I have to complete reading your post has given me the boost I need xxxx I'm on week 4 we'll just completed it xxx roll on Monday xxx thanks for sharing this it's made my day xxx

  • So happy to help! Never think you can't do it. You can. And I've still got 2 runs to go but it feels bloody good to keep going. Don't worry if you don't complete a run, don't log it and do it next time. Yesterday I attempted week 9 run 1 (30 mins) I got to 17 mins and just stopped. I wasn't particularly knackered but felt like I needed a rest and to be honest just wasn't in the right frame of mind. So I didn't log the run and felt a little downhearted. But this morning I got up and went out on my own and did it. The whole 30 and felt really happy with it. The message here is don't beat yourself up. You can do it! Good luck on your journey xx

  • Which week did you notice your weight coming off xxx I am beginning wk5 tomorrow and have noticed it's getting harder so may be I might start soon I haven't been eating great but getting back on track tomorrow xxx

  • Brilliant:) It's not just the weight loss, your general fitness must be much better. Not sure what you mean by "only" 3.6k, that's miles - literally and loads of people couldn't no that, including me (yet?). Good luck for Sunday, bet you feel great after.

  • Thank you. Good luck with you and your runs xx

  • Abs fab. What an inspirational post. Well done you👍

  • You are nailing this and haven't got as far to go as you think!😊

    Running for 30 mins non-stop is a fantastic acheivement, it doesn't really matter what distance you cover, you are a proper runner and should be so proud of yourself😊

    You will do that parkrun I'm sure, take it slow, let the others go off quickly and stick to the pace you know suits you. If you need to, take little walk breaks, others will be too...Good luck and enjoy it. Will you have graduated by then or will it be W9 R3?

    Well done on the weightloss too😊

  • Thanks so much. Well week 9 run 3 (graduation run) should be on the Friday before the Sunday 5k. Should I do it or save it for the Sunday? Heard some say you should rest a few days before a 5k? Really unsure!! X

  • Not sure either... as I haven’t attempted a parkrun myself😆...

    Someone will advise you, I would say if Friday is a really hot day maybe wait and do the double on Sunday. But if you want the Graduation run to stand alone as a successful 30 min run with no distraction do it Friday, and do the parkrun with less expectation maybe. I don't think that you would need an extra rest day...

    Good luck...

  • two fantastic achievements, running and weight loss, congratulations! Your distance covered sounds much like me but I don't worry about that anymore its getting out there that is important and getting fitter bit by bit. Good luck for the graduation.

  • Well done on both accounts. Can I ask if you are following any type of diet whilst doing the c25k? Keep up the good work - I'm finding it encouraging to see that people are finding success.

  • Hiya! Yes I joined weight watchers. Absolutely love it. Nothing is off the menu. It's just about portion size. Running defo helps with weight loss. Good luck on your own journey x

  • Well done you have done so well eith your weight loss and running 30mins. Good luck in your 5k next week 😊

  • That's amazing !! Well done you you're an inspiration

  • Fantastic well done you,what an amazing achievement!!!!

  • I completed a park run yesterday and came 568/588 with a time of 39:50. I thought that my time would have been around 45 as like you I was only covering around 3.5 - 4 k about 2 weeks ago. I think speed does pick up after running for 30 mins a few times. What I had to tell myself after is that a lot of people who completed the run have done it lots of times and have been running for a lot longer than we have. To me that's my inspiration and something to work towards. You have done fantastic and should be really proud.

  • Brilliant are rocking it! Hooray for all of us who thought we couldn't and guess what....we can..Yay! 😃

  • Wow, you are amazing. You should be very proud

  • I love this post - you are inspiring and amazing!

  • Well done !

    Brilliant job!!😊😊

  • That's incredible, well done you. So many people say to me it's ok for me as I'm slim but larger people cant run. Well you prove that wrong for so many people. Good job. I'm like you, have just graduated to running 30 mins running same distance as you. Like you said we've got a long way to go but we'll get there!

  • Well done you are an inspiration xx

  • Wow this is amazing! When you first started what kept you going despite any discomfort or pain?

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