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Early morning humidity?


I've always preferred to run early in the morning, between 5.30 and 6.30 maybe, because I'm a bit of a 'morning person' (and enjoy feeling pleased with myself for the rest of the day!).

But I've been really struggling lately, getting much more out of breath than I think I used to, and having to walk a bit (can no longer manage more than 10 mins without a walk before the next run).

I'm wondering if it's humidity - I've noticed to my surprise that although it's much cooler early in the morning, the humidity showing on the BBC app is usually upwards of 75% - is that high? It seems to get lower through the day, I didn't realise that.

Any advice very welcome! This morning I just decided to listen to my body and when I felt really puffed out (or at one point felt sick!) I walked until I got my breath back a bit. Feels disappointing though.

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I don't really have any advice to give but I have been the same. Every run this week has been awful, I can't seem to get my breathing right. I have been making up excuses but I do wonder if it is the humidity. I might try an evening run if the weather stays the same but I do prefer the mornings.


I found the recent humidity tough myself - and had commented to the other had about it last week. Should be the last hot day tomorrow so hoping it is a bit fresher by then!


The higher the humidity rate, the less oxygen in the air resulting in people having issues with breathing, amongst other things. It’ll be over soon.


I run in the morning and it’s been humid for the last couple of weeks. I only started running in early June which coincided with the hot weather. When it cools down I think I am going to be amazing😉 it can only get easier!


Humidity only drops through the day because warm air can hold more water, and humidity is a measure of how much of its maximum at the current temperature it is holding. 75% isn’t low, for sure or it probably wouldn’t get a mention on the weather forecast. It can be a hidden detriment to exercise, as it slows the evaporation of sweat and so hinders your body’s cooling system. Round here we’ve still got the heat, but more cloud cover has made it sticky, and kept night temperatures higher, so you could be spot on.

I’d still rather take that on than the extreme heat, I tend to run late, and maybe halfway house on both temperature and humidity.

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