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This is my first post on the forum and I have just completed W6D2. But mainly I just wanted to thank C25K for changing my life, my outlook, my positivity and my confidence. I took up the C25K challenge in the same week that I lost my job and through that my visa and therefore my home, my relationship and having to move continent. And try and find a new job and career. And all within 30 days, so all in all, it has been quite devastating!

But despite that, I managed to keep up with the C25K program and running has so positively changed my life for the better despite the insecurity in the rest of my life. It has added routine to my days and although I have found it challenging, I always felt better after having gone out for a run. On some mornings, I really didn’t feel there was much reason to get out of bed, and if it hadn’t been for the routine that this programme gave me, I probably wouldn’t have. But more than that, I can cope with stress easier, I have been sleeping better, eating healthier and drinking less alcohol (my previous go-to stress reliever!) All this has filled me with hope for the future that I didn’t think I would have for a long time. Seeing my progress through each week, and especially after the euphoria of W5D3, has given me the confidence to believe I can do anything. My whole outlook has become positive and I firmly believe this is as a result of this wonderful program, it really has been life changing for me.

An extra thanks goes to all the people on this forum. Whilst this is my first post, I have been reading others and have really benefitted from all the advice, tips and encouragement. I am very grateful and feel very humbled to be part of this inspiring community.

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A great post and you've given me hope! Like you, my life lack security but I try and run every day. Thank you and I wish you continued positivity and the best in your life.


Wow, that's a lot to lose all in one go. Well done you for sticking with it. I lost my husband 3 months ago now and I found the same as you. Running really does help doesn't it. Good luck with everything and keep running!


Aw well done! What a rotten run of bad luck you've been having. You did the right thing though. C25k is so great on so many levels and I'm so glad it got you through the dark times. Being healthier is always going to help, and running does indeed lift the spirits. Like you I always feel better after a run. I might ache but I feel uplifted somehow

I hope you see a change in your fortunes soon and that life can get back on an even keel for you. Keep running!, Let us know how it pans out


Hi Hilbean, many thanks for your reply and I am so sorry about your husband. Your dedication to keep going despite such a big loss is really inspiring. Best wishes and many thanks!


What a lovely post. You've certainly been through a lot so good for you for dealing with the chaos in your life in such a positive way. i agree that running is a great way to "balance life's books" so very well done in getting to w6r2 and I'm sure you'll carry on to the end. Welcome to the forum.


Many thanks for all your kind words and support! I am back in the UK now and completed my first run in Blighty yesterday. It was far more pleasant to not be running in the Arizona heat and sun anymore!

Thank you all again.


Core blimey you've been through the wringer!

Keep that chin up, hold onto your positive attitude, lace up your running shoes regularly and everything will come up roses for you :-)

Good luck!


Just wanted to say well done for keeping going with the running. I hope things continue to improve for you.


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