It's just not happening😔

Despite the Graduate badge I'm a 'lapsed' C25K runner redoing the program.

Oh boy, I'm really struggling with W7. I completed W6R3, 25 minutes but have only managed one 25 minute run since then despite 4 attempts in W7. It feels like a lot of it's in my head, "I can't do this", but I have done it twice and i managed straight through the program last time I did C25K.

Help, please. Would really appreciate your thoughts and any ways to keep going despite the discouragement. Thank you!


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11 Replies

  • I suggest two things:

    Maybe ask for your 'graduate' badge to be removed... not to take away from your previous achievement, but so you can really re-live achieving the 9 weeks and getting to 30mins continuous running. I think others on here have done the same

    Next, go back to week 6, or even week 5, and be patient with yourself. I didn't so much lapse, but I did lose my mojo a bit after graduating, due to a badly timed cold and then loads of squeezes on my time. Going back a few steps really helped me. Start making things more achievable again, get the confidence back, and then increase gradually. As I remember it, weeks 5-7 seemed to have the biggest leaps in the whole programme, so it's no surprise that this is the point where you're getting stuck.

    Hope that helps, and lots of luck!

  • I will go back to W5 on Monday...fresh start and all that! Thanks for taking time to reply.

  • Yes, I agree. This is definitely your head playing mind games.

    You can do it ,you have done it . Be strong, when those thoughts come into your mind , kick them to the kerb, don't let them win ! :-)

    Try running a different route, get some uplifting music on , decide that this time there is no giving up, take it slow and steady, deep breaths, keep calm.

    You can do this , you really can ! We are all behind you every step of the way

    Onwards, always :-) xxx

  • Yeah Pops is right. Set yourself up to succeed. It feels more like a chore than a pleasure. Well it needn't. It should be fun.

    Youwillbefit. You better believe it!!! Come on. Let's go

  • Thanks for the encouragements!

  • Thank you! Lots of great ideas.

  • you could try taking it back 1 or 2 weeks...this will boost your confidence, get really established doing the longer runs ( which are tough) and also get a mantra to dispel the gremlins...... you CAN and WILL do it...

  • Plan to go back to W5 on Monday and yes, I'll need to get established in the longer runs. Thank you, great advice.

  • "get really established doing the longer runs" Would that be repeating the 20 and 25 minute runs more than they're actually scheduled before moving on? Eg, do W7 for two weeks? Thanks again.

  • I know how your feeling as I'm in exactly the same place right now ... Just could not get anywhere near the 25min on w7 r1 :-( ... It must all be in the mind as did it in w6r3! So will head back to w5 with you I think .... We will get there! Must trust in Laura as so many graduates in here it must work to stick with the program

  • Hi Cinders, sorry you're struggling with this too. Hope you have success returning to W5. Am really hoping to rebuild some confidence and conquer W7 in the next few weeks! Best wishes.

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