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Getting Older and running post

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just read this post by IannodaTruffe and learned so much that I will put into my own training. I am 67 and am on Wk9 of the programme. I have trotted my way through the C25K programme at a gentle pace and have stayed injury free, more by accident than design the slow pace has been my saviour. Without question this programme which I started reluctantly and never thought I would complete has been the best form of exercise I do now. Dare I say that thought of attempting the 10k is something I would like to attempt. The same apprehensions and lack of confidence that I experienced with the 5k are in the back of my mind. This forum has been the tonic I needed to keep me going.

22 Replies
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Exciting times! You’re so near the finish line for c25k, which is the start of the rest of your running career. Keep that 10k dream alive. I bet you didn’t think you could do thirty minutes before you started. You can build it up slowly and keep to your steady pace. There are great suggestions how to go about it on the Bridge to 10k forum. I used the magic plan.

For now though, I’d focus on really enjoying the final few runs of c25k and consolidating your achievements by sticking at max 30 minutes for a few weeks until you’re totally comfortable. Don’t let looking ahead with a bit of apprehension make you miss out really appreciating the amazing things you’re doing right now. Three more runs and that badge will be yours!

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Swimming24Graduate in reply to MissUnderstanding

Thank you so much MissUnderstanding and you are right I never thought 30 minutes was possible when so started. I will keep that dream alive and enjoy this journey I am on, Week 9 run1 tomorrow🏃🏼‍♂️

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MissUnderstandingAmbassador in reply to Swimming24

Have a great run! Finding that comfortable, steady pace is such a brilliant skill to have. I’m getting my virtual party poppers ready for when you finish! 🏃‍♀️ 🏃‍♀️ 🏃‍♀️

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Swimming24Graduate in reply to MissUnderstanding

Thank you so much 🌺

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You have done the hard bit now Swimming24! After consolidating your progress to date, going from 5k to 10k is a doddle compared to 0K to 5k. That transition took me about 3 months and I was 66 at the time, so age isn’t an issue. No fear, no apprehension, just sensible steady running following Ju-Ju’s magic plan which you will find through Bridge to 10k. You definitely can do this. The Plan has a pattern of one shorter quicker run, one steady 5k ( which I didn’t complete in 30 minutes until about a year after finishing C25k, but I now think that is a meaningless target) ) and one gradually increasing longer slow run. The variety is important; “same as” stuff can get a bit boring for any of us. The running world is at your feet.

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Swimming24Graduate in reply to Beachcomber66

Thank you Beachcomber66 that is very helpful and encouraging. I will check out Ju Ju plan and take on board your advice. Slow and steady is my plan going forward. The advice from yourself and others is invaluable to those of us that are in your slip steam. Thank you

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Beachcomber66Graduate in reply to Swimming24

We mature students need to stick together 🙂

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Swimming24Graduate in reply to Beachcomber66

There is wisdom in mature bones 😊

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I believe that the post Swimming24 was referring to was this one about aging and running.

You can also find all the other FAQ Posts, which cover many running based topics, here

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Swimming24Graduate in reply to WillowandSola

Thank you

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well done for sticking at it. I am 62 with osteoarthritis and completed couch to 5k earlier this year. I used the bridging podcasts after a fortnight of consolidation and then just gradually built up my time running, week by week. Am now up to 9km. I always take it slow and make sure I still do a warm up and cool down walk as well as stretches afterwards. Good luck.

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Swimming24Graduate in reply to Floradora2

That is inspirational Floradora2 I will keep you as my motivator. I am very happy as I have completed Week9 Run 1 today and managed 3.7 km. Not that distance is my goal but it is encouraging to know that I am progressing. Keep smiling keep running 🏃🏼‍♂️

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Congratulations! You are nearly there!!! I did C25K when I was 66, having never run since being hopeless at athletics at school, and I'm still running 5 years later - and yes, I have run 10k, so you can too! 🏃🏃🏃

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Swimming24Graduate in reply to sigasiga

Thank you sigasiga I am amazed at people like yourself and so glad I started this journey. Like you I had never run before and feel that I have found a new therapy that is totally free and makes me happy 🏃🏼‍♂️

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Well done, perhaps look at Nike Run Club for your phone. So many Coached runs and its free. I often use and Coach Bennet keeps you enertained in a cheezy way but his advice is really sound. I have been running for four years now at 75 I can still knock out a five or a 10k. The c25k program works!

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Swimming24Graduate in reply to hamit

Thank you hamit I will look into that and check out the cheeky coach. Thank you for your post 🏃🏻‍♀️

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Well done, nearly there now, I completed about 18 mth ago, was slowly making gains in distance and times then got injured would you believe swimming, how ?, simple by doing too much too soon, so please bear that in mind as you go forward. I trapped a nerve that I'm only last 4 mth getting over so having gone back to the old ways had to start again at wk 1, luckily Ive stayed injury free and will complete wk 9 tomorrow,Again !.

Good luck for the rest of the week.

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Swimming24Graduate in reply to heatybob

Thank you heatybob that is very good advice I will certainly bear that in mind. I swim a few times a week so will be mindful not to overdo it. Thank you and well done on your return to running 👍

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Like many have said, , its a good goal to aim for once you have done some runs to consolidate your running experience. I've only been running 2 years since doing C25K in lockdown. I started doing Parkrun, loved it, joined a weekly running club and did my first 10km in Aug. Ive got another one at the end of the month and im now thinking of doing a half marathon next year. This just shows you what you can achieve.

However, I wouldn't have done it without the morale support and motivation of this forum. The advice and information is brilliant! Lots of running buddies, even though I havent met anyone!

So, keep that 10km in your mind, follow the plans you will find on here, train carefully and go for it!! 😆🏃‍♀️

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Swimming24Graduate in reply to Hedgehogs123

Thank you Hedgehogs123 that is so inspirational and something to aim towards. I agree the advice on this forum has been invaluable and all the support of my online buddies has helped me every step of the way. Small steps can eventually cover many milestones. Thank you 🏃🏼‍♂️

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my running mentor is 73 and he just started 2yrs ago. Every time I plan on quitting I realize if he can, I can (a mere 59), and I get off my a$$ and run.

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