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Bling alert!!! My first 5K race ever

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Last Sunday, I ran my first 5K race ever and my timing was 32 minutes...(PB). I feel I could have done better, but there were a lot of participants...and I had to weave through them a lot!!!

But thoroughly enjoyed it!!! Have never run without headphones before...but the race atmosphere just takes you through!!!

registered for a 10K on 24th December!!! Thank you all wonderful people on this forum...I had been thinking of doing a 5K race for a really really long time and only got the confidence to do it because of the program and you all in here!!!

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Congratulations on your first race.

Do remember that you should only increase your total training distance by a maximum of 10% per week as you move towards 10k.

Enjoy your running.

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poojkiGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe


I have been increasing my distance slowly over past few weeks and am upto 8 kms now.... thanks to all the wonderful advice on here....

Fingers crossed...I should be ready for 10K by the race date...

Also, for longer distances I do run/ hopefully that will help keep injury at bay...

any suggestions on run/walk intevals for 10K?

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IannodaTruffeAdministrator in reply to poojki

I have never really looked into it, but just do what you are comfortable with and just be proud and happy to complete that first 10k race.

Personally, I would want to have completed the distance prior to the race, just for confidence, but you would probably be fine doing 10k now, under race conditions the atmosphere would pull you through.

Good luck.

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32 mins is quick! Well done 🙂👍

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Well done! Pretty bling x

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