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C25K Week 1 Run 2

I've been suffering with shin splints and pulled muscles for 4 days and can barely walk but this evening after work I dragged myself to the gym to do week 1 run2 because I don't want my fitness level to drop again...and...


Ok, so I was running laughably slow and wincing a lot but I don't think it matters. In terms of Cardio it was much much easier, it was just my legs that were frying me.

After the 8th minute of running I cranked up the incline on the machine to 6 and walked the warm

down, and by the time I got off the treadmill my legs were excruciating :( I need to push through it though because if I get demotivated or stop now it will be back to square one in no time. I said to the personal trainer who spotted me limping that I had shin splints and he said he'd been watching me for my runs and thought I was suffering a bit. He's advised doing the program on the cross trainer for a bit then moving back to the treadmill once I'm healed. I think that's a good idea but I'm going to wait and see how I am. If I can do week 1 on the treadmill the. I might as well carry on and see how I go. Pain is temporary, quitting is forever!

Feeling positive about moving on to week 2 next week after completing run 3 hopefully on Thursday :)

Totally doing this :)

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Cross trainer is a good idea. There was also a fellow on here doing c25k on a stationary bike. Either one might help you keep motivated while your muscles are healing, any one of those will help your cardio.

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I agree. Take advice from the pros in the gym. If you bugger your legs this early in the programme you could get knocked out of the game, and I would hate for your early enthusiasm to take a nosedive. Pain is there for a reason!


you are doing brilliantly, well step at a time and you will get there xx


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