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Week 1 Run 2 - Shin Splints (I think)

I wasn't going to post about my run this morning because it wasn't very eventful. After finding W1R1 quite comfortable, I might have subconsciously have gone it bit faster today but nothing drastic.

At the end of my run, I did some cool down stretches, had breakfast and got ready for work. Everything was fine until around 11am (4 and a half hours after my run) when I began to feel a dull ache on the outside of my left shin. It's now another 6 hours later and the discomfort is worse, there is still a dull ache but there are intermittent sharp pains (not too severe) when I am walking about.

I quick consultation with Dr. Google suggests 'shin splints'.

For the moment, I am going to work on the assumption that there is nothing fundamentally wrong and that this ailment is just a result of me not being a 'spring chicken' who has not run for a long, long time. As such I intend to do W1R3 on Friday.

Although there is a lot of (often contradictory) information on how to combat shin splints (the NHS site suggests not running for 2 weeks!) , one common suggestion appears to be to shorten stride length. Part of the problem with all of the information I have read is that the term 'shin splints' is a bit of a catch-all for any pain/discomfort in that area.

Just by way of info, I did buy a decent pair of running shoes but have note had any sort of gait analysis done.

Any thoughts?

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I think we had niggles and pains etc at starting out on c25K whilst our bodies etc went into shock first then started to settle into our new running regime .. The main thing is the difference between a niggle and constant pain and I guess we all have different thresholds ... if in any doubt consult the medics .

You could take some extra days rest inbetween the runs to let your legs/shins etc recover longer see how that feels ?


Yeah, part of my thinking of not changing too much (i.e. this is just a niggle) is that I took up walking only about 6 weeks ago. Initially (after 4 or 5k walks) I was getting very achy calves as well as dull aches in my right hip for a good 24 hours afterwards.

I am now walking 15-20k at a good pace with no real issues.


I suffered from terrible shin splints - my husband diagnosed them as he used to play football. I am on week 7 now and still get some discomfort. I have not had GA as it scares me. I found changing the way I run helped. Landing heel first helped me. Also Running Socks. The padded kind. I think it is the stopping and starting the did it for me. I also found ice packs when I got home helped. Good luck and well done.


I had and still get very mild shin splints ....one thing i found that helped was to spend 3-4 mins showering my lower leg with just cold water after my run. As Rob said you will get niggles but if you think its something more. Go and see your GP.

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I had shin pain early on, what works for me is ice pack after a run (frozen peas!) calf stretches every day, compression socks (no idea if they work but now I've started wearing them I will continue!). It has gone completely, try more rest days in between also? Good luck :)

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Sorry to hear about the back , Dan! I jsut read your post and was about to do my W1D3 - 10 min in to it - bad back ;-( Ouch does it hurt!! I have sciatinca (hope i spelled it right) and havent had any pains for good few months.. I shouldve stretch better :-\ (I would def use that as an excuse for good ol gin&tonic :-D )

Wish you quick recovery!! :-)


Thanks for that. Had a nice bath after getting home from work and my shin area already feels a lot better.Was planning a long walk tomorrow evening but will scratch that and go for a swim instead.

I Will make sure I do calf stretches/toe taps every day and have a bag of frozen peas at the ready!

As for my run on Friday, I will probably do it on grass.

I do hope this doesn't get any worse!


Sorry to hear about your shin pain. Hope you feel better soon xxx

Theres no harm in taking extra rest days, just to give them more time to recover.

Good Luck and I hope this is only a temporary niggle for you xxx


I had shin splints explained to me as the tendon or whatever across your shin is being exercised aggressively and is trying to get bigger than the thing that its encased in??? Used to be Ibuprofen as an anti inflammatory drug, and pain killer, and dont run until you feel you can

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I am on W2 & after r1 I've had shin discomfort too. I feel your pain! Some good ideas here to help ease the pain. I shall buy some frozen peas & stretch!


So I woke up this morning and everything felt just fine.

I am working from home today so after going for a swim early in the morning, I made the executive decision to go for one of my regular fast walks at lunchtime.

Everything was absolutely fine but I did notice something that is (maybe) odd. When walking, my left foot contacts the ground almost exactly straight whereas my right foot points (in to out) at an angle (would estimate somewhere around 5 degrees).

If not for my shin splints after running yesterday, I would never have noticed this and it obviously doesn't do me any harm when walking but I do now wonder whether I am doing something similar when running.

Anyone with experience/knowledge of this sort of thing?


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