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First run in my new Mizunos

Afternoon all,

Had my first run today in the Mizuno Wave Inspire 11's that I picked up on Sunday. With my 10K event coming up on Sunday, and with them being brand new shoes, I didn't want to go too far in them to begin with, so I decided to do an hour and see where I was. Turned out after an hour I was a shade off 8K so carried on for the round number :)

Verdict on the shoes so far...I like them. The definitely feel different to my Asics, probably slightly less cushioned at the front of the shoe. I had to stop a couple of times to adjust the laces as my feet were getting sore in a couple of places. After loosening the laces up things were fine, although I don't think I've gotten the laces "just so" yet.

Looking forward to my next run on Thursday, and am contemplating wearing the Mizunos for the 10K on Sunday.

Quick question - has anybody seen anything to help with keeping laces to a certain level of tightness? Best I can come up with is getting the laces right and then marking them next to each eyelet so you know whether you've got that section tight/loose enough. Must be a more hi-tech way, mustn't there?

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well for laces there are ways of tying them that give support, and my son bought some fancy elastic things at the Paris expo, he thinks they are the dogs bollocks


Thanks for that, I've seen those although on the video I saw, by the time the shoes were fully laced up it looked like a load of pom-poms where the laces were.

I don't have a problem with the support of the laces, am just after a lazy way of knowing that "if I adjust this piece to there and that piece to here" they will be "just right" without spending 5 minutes faffing about each time.


not sure they are the ones... my son has them so he can pull his shoe on and off he tying or faffing ...or pom poms either ;)


It would make sense to invent a gadget for it, but I've never seen such a thing. Sorry.


Fabric marker - every school mum has one!!!


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