Can he run it? Yes, he can

I haven't done much running recently, in fact since late August. There were two 'tourist' runs in Canada but nothing serious. This was becoming a bit of an issue as it's the 10K Great Yorkshire Run next Sunday and I've felt my fitness ebbing away a bit. So the questions I posed this morning were:

# Can I still run 10K, and

# Can I still do it in under an hour?

And the answers are:

Yes, and Yes with just the teeniest bit more effort.

I did 9.96K in 1hr 41secs. That's as close to 10K in an hour as makes no difference. Just need to push it a little bit harder next Sunday.

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  • All the best to you OldNed! Can Ned do it? Yes Ned can! You will do it, thinking of you!!!

  • Well done Ned! Hopefully the adrenaline on the day will help boost your run. I'm running a 10k in Greenwich park in two weeks and I hope the adrenaline boost helps me run a good time!

  • Thats a fantastic time, well done you, and good luck for the Yorkshire they give you Yorkshire tea at the end???!!

  • They'd better!!

  • Brilliant Ned, absolutely brilliant!

  • Blimey - you sound amazing and I am in awe - no where near that time or distance. Really best of luck I am sure you will do it and look fwd to that celebratory post :-)

  • Well done, OldNed. I bet the adrenaline on the day will give you a wee extra boost.

    I, too, did a practice 10K last week in anticipation of an upcoming 10K race and got 'told off' (nicely) by a former running coach FB contact! I was told not to over-train! Ha! I've done very little fast running all summer.

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