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Can he run it? Yes, he can

I haven't done much running recently, in fact since late August. There were two 'tourist' runs in Canada but nothing serious. This was becoming a bit of an issue as it's the 10K Great Yorkshire Run next Sunday and I've felt my fitness ebbing away a bit. So the questions I posed this morning were:

# Can I still run 10K, and

# Can I still do it in under an hour?

And the answers are:

Yes, and Yes with just the teeniest bit more effort.

I did 9.96K in 1hr 41secs. That's as close to 10K in an hour as makes no difference. Just need to push it a little bit harder next Sunday.

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All the best to you OldNed! Can Ned do it? Yes Ned can! You will do it, thinking of you!!!


Well done Ned! Hopefully the adrenaline on the day will help boost your run. I'm running a 10k in Greenwich park in two weeks and I hope the adrenaline boost helps me run a good time!


Thats a fantastic time, well done you, and good luck for the Yorkshire they give you Yorkshire tea at the end???!!


They'd better!!

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Brilliant Ned, absolutely brilliant!


Blimey - you sound amazing and I am in awe - no where near that time or distance. Really best of luck I am sure you will do it and look fwd to that celebratory post :-)


Well done, OldNed. I bet the adrenaline on the day will give you a wee extra boost.

I, too, did a practice 10K last week in anticipation of an upcoming 10K race and got 'told off' (nicely) by a former running coach FB contact! I was told not to over-train! Ha! I've done very little fast running all summer.


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