Couch to 5K

First Run!

Hi, just joined and completed Week 1 Run 1 today :) Very pleased

Boy that was a bit tough but made it OK.

I was running in my ordinary trainers and socks. My shoes were rubbing the back of my ankle a bit and now it's a bit sore but no blister thankfully. I don't think I tied my laces tightly enough.

I'd like to get some proper running shoes but at this stage it's hard to know if I'll keep it up. I'd like to think so. Running shoes seem like an expensive outlay.

Looking forward to Run 2 on Wednesday.

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Well done, you took the first step!!

Shoes are indeed important (and quite expensive) - but the first couple of weeks there is a lot of walking, if I were you I'd wait til week 4 - what you could do is get a good pair of socks - they can make a big difference already

( my favourites are a pair of trail running ones from Decathlon (about a tenner)

Keep posting - this is a very supportive crowd!


Well done. I agree it's probably not worth shelling out this soon unless you're having real problems, but you might find a smear of Vaseline in the rubby spot helps. Keep going, it does get easier!


I started out in walking boots and didn't treat myself to running shoes (I didn't possess trainers) until half way through the programme. Perhaps no wonder I felt as though I was flying on the first 'long' run (I wasn't...)

If you have a mystery extra hole with no lacing through that, it is so you can make a loop and make the laces snugger round your heels. I hope someone will be along to explain it better.

I don't wear anything fancy in the way of socks but I do need to wear them and they have to stay put and come up high enough or yes, I'm in trouble.


ankle lock

and my favourite pair of running socks are hi-vis yellow from sportsdirect.

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Actually you don't need to have your laces tight, and there are inexpensive running shoes avaliable ☺ there are loads of posts about it on here, and a recent picture of a cheap but perfectly good running shoe from karrimor, which quite a few of us have ☺


Congrats on the first run! I am about to do week5 run 3 in the morning and I only have trainers. But I do have some good thick socks which I think help!

Keep us updated with your progress, good luck on your next run!😀


A good pair of socks is a good investment. I have 1000 mile socks and I've not had a blister or rubbed heels since I got them.


Well done on getting started. That is a rather large mental battle beaten :)

In terms of blisters - watch the YouTube clip to check your laces are sound, smear on the vaseline (or any moisturiser) and put on your best quality socks. That should keep you going for the next few weeks.

If you are then hooked you can research to suit your budget (ie Karrimor versus Asics / Compeed versus Wilko brand plasters). If you're lucky, the blisters will just stop as your feet toughen up :)

Good luck :)


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