Great run this morning.

Well what a great run this morning.

I've had a couple of twinges in my back muscles this week after last weeks first 10k, so I did a couple of runs this week at mid pace instead of the usual pyramid and tempo and back already a lot better, amazing if you listen to your body and vary things a bit.

So today I went out not really knowing how far I'd run, but after 3-4K I thought I'd probably try for 10K, when I got to 8.9K ish I looked at my watch and had about 7 mins until the hour, so I thought I'd have to give it a go at upping the pace and try getting a 10K in under an hour, it was hard that last K (and fun) but i did it and now have a PB of 59m32s for 10k. I can't wipe the smile off my face. :D

And what's even better I now have loads of calories to spend at my mums when I visit her today, she likes to look after me with nice food....yummmmmmmm.

I really can't believe that 10 months ago I hadn't even ran for 60 seconds!

Enjoy your weekend runs.

Garmin stats:


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  • How satisfying that must be. From under a minute to under an hour in less than a year! Brilliant that you can say that something that was hard was also fun! :D

  • Thanks, not long know before the 30 mins and graduation :D

  • Wow - that's fantastic! I graduated back in November, and still find 30 mins incredibly tough so I can't imagine managing an hour! well done, you :)

  • You'll strengthen doing your 30 mins and before you know it you will contemplating either speed or distance or maybe both ... :-)

  • Phil, that's fantastic! Well done! Upping the pace after 8.9k...?! Makes me go wobbly at the knees just thinking about it! ;-)

  • And mine a little ;-)

  • Well done Phil, that's some pretty good going! Enjoy spending those calories, you earned ot. :-)

  • I've spotted home made trifle, mmmmmmm

  • Attaboy Phil!

  • Cheers Delia, you're in my thoughts, take care.

  • I'm very impressed with that - 10k under an hour well done.

    Hope the trifle was nice !!!

  • Cheers, it was lovely and no need to feel bad ;-)

  • Well, was it delicious? (We know the run was, but how about the trifle?) Congratulations for scoring both :)

  • Just had some and it was scrummylicious :-)

  • Great job Phil! Awesome speed too! you're working so hard. Oh and trifle.....speechless :)

  • Well done Phil. Keep up the good work!

  • Wow Phil that's fantastic! I'm in awe - I still haven't quite done 10k yet as my knee always starts complaining at about 8-9k so I'm really impressed with that, and what a time too!! Congratulations!

  • Hi suki was wondering how you were getting on, all i can recommend is mix up your training and make sure you add easy runs to the mix. Good luck with the knees.

  • Hi Phil, thanks. It was a few longer runs (only up to 9k) that started the knee thing. I have a feeling it's the dreaded iliotibial band so I've started doing exercises specifically for that and it's seems to be helping - the last few runs I've not had so many problems but I'm being extra cautious anytime I feel a twinge. I've been doing some HIIT sessions using the horrible hills and that doesn't seem to exacerbate the IT band so much.

    On another note, is your garmin still going well? Mine sometimes goes awol mid run which is infuriating (not from lack of charge, just goes onto showing the time of day and can't be coaxed away - I wonder if I'm doing something wrong?), and unless it's totally charged up takes ages finding satellites, also annoying, but maybe that's normal. When it works it's totally great, and I find the heart monitor really useful too, but when it goes wonky it's awful.

  • I've only had one outing when my garmin played up and it was HR monitor related. It can be slow to pick up satellites, but it's normally found them by the end of my warm up walk.

    All I can think that might be useful is rebooting your watch, you can power it down in the system menu I think and then you restart the software by pressing start, might be worth a try.

    Hope your ITB sorts itself out, take care.

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