Parkrun progress

Parkrun progress

Don't like to seem like I'm bragging (and I can't, because compared to many others I have little to brag about) but I'm buzzing a bit and had to share it.

Parkrun results in now (for some reason they were very late today) and they confirm that my run today was a good one. Over the last few weeks each PR has been about 30 seconds faster than the week before. I've been yearning for that sub-30 minute 5k for a while, and having scraped under it last week, today was timed at 29:26. I can't believe that I'm chasing down the 29 minute mark now - would have been amazed a few weeks ago to think that I might have done this. It even opens the prospect of really going for a 60 min 10k in the coming couple of months!

I think this may have been helped by taking a bit more care about diet and nutrition this week, and making sure my body is properly fed and fuelled.

If I can do this, I'm sure anyone can - so take heart out there and believe!


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  • Getting quicker every week! thats amazing! no wonder you're still buzzing! well done Steve! :)

  • Thanks, ali!

  • Nice work Steve! You're allowed to brag - you're progress has been amazing and you're only comparing your progress to your past self. It's amazing how far you've come in a short time, it always reminds me to keep my feet moving. Interesting on the diet side - I've been wondering how much of an effect that has on my own runs.

  • I was surprised to work out today that it's only ten weeks since I graduated!

  • I don't see any progress there at all. In your first Parkrun at Oxford, you finished 158th and today 175th. You are going backwards! ;)

  • Thank you :)

  • Well done you ! Really good progress and something to shout about ! Good luck with the sub 29 !

  • Really impressive use of Saturday morning. Well done

  • Well done, Steve! Your stats give a really good illustration of how speed can be improved gradually, which is very inspiring!

  • This is the place to come and share your glow of achievement, Steve.............brag even.....We understand.....well done.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Fantastic!

  • Inspiring not bragging!!! Well done and pat yourself on the bag if you're not too tired ๐Ÿ˜

  • The great thing is I don't feel tired. I've just got a glow in my legs, which feels great!

  • good steady improvement Steve :D well done , hard work always pays :D

  • Thanks, Rob - it's so rewarding to see some progress

  • I cant wait to get back to parkrun and see where my times are again

  • Excellent progress. Keep going at that rate and you'll be sub 20 minutes before Christmas.

  • I think that's rather unlikely, but I'm keen to see how far I can go.

  • Wow...progress is amazing!!!

  • What fantastic progress, you are obviously doing something right and consistently improving easy week! And in only a couple of months! Be proud and shout it out I say!

  • Brag away - my times seem to be going in the opposite direction!! Sadly not joking.

  • Scongratulations Steve. You deserve to be proud, you've come a long way and have achieved A LOT. we'll one you!

  • Take a bow Steve, fantastic progress, Well done ! :-) xxx

  • Great times and great progress there, very well done.

    2 questions/notes...

    1. Is the Harcourt Hill parkrun not very popular or VERY difficult? Or was it just a very low turn out that day?

    2. What training do you do? I've noticed that you mention 2x5km and 2x10km per week. Now you can do those distances "comfortably", I'd actually suggest doing 1x10km "easy" run, 1x5km pushing it one week (parkrun) and easing off (a bit) the next, and 1x interval/fartlek run, which would probably be over something like 2.5-3.5 km including 5-10 minute jog to warm up (like the speed podcast or a variation of it).

    You rightly note that you're not going to keep getting PBs, but as someone said, to run faster then you have to run faster, which is why intervals are good training. Oh, and you've had an AMAZING run of improved times almost every week, but do be prepared for an "off" week and/or plateau.

    Looking forward to seeing your future progress. Keep us posted!

  • I think the HH Parkrun isn't very popular, plus it's a relatively new one. Currently I do the 5 and 10ks regularly on the same days, but play it by ear as to if it's an easy run or fast or intervals. I'll take what you suggested on board, thanks.

  • Wow, 5 minutes off in just a few weeks...magic..

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