Couch to 5K


Hi all. Just completed w8r2 yeah. Did r1 with my running buddy on Thursday which went well but the solo run on Saturday is always a bit more challenging. Felt a bit apprehensive as running later (sunshine, me and running is a no go) however thankfully for high fences and trees I managed to hug the shade and in the sunshine told myself it was chilly (thanks for the tip bopeep) and managed to finish on a gentle down hill stretch which always helps. Have read lots of posts where people have managed to lose weight, so now that I am nearing the end of the course it's time to address the extra pounds and really benefit from this fantastic programme. I am due for a health check up in 3 months and it would be so good to see improvement in BP etc and to really promote C5K - if all goes well I will take the poster. Happy running

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Sounds like you are doing really well and obviously enjoying yourself. Nearly there! Well done x 😊


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