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W8R2 - My First Parkrun (wow it was hot)


This morning was my first ever park run and boy was it hot!

It was a 5 minute walk from the car park to the start line so used that as my warm up and then did some light stretching before the start. I then started my 28 minute running with the start of the run.

The first 1 and 2k went by so quickly, I was well into my audiobook and wasn't really even noticing the heat or breathing too much!

2-3k was a bit more challenging as the 21 degree heat started to set in, I was running in direct sunlight which wasn't fun at all and felt myself lagging. Kept pushing through though and made it to the 3k marker.

Then, the section to the 4k mark is all on a slight incline in the sunshine and I tried to power through but needed to *whispers* have a 30 second walking break to have some water.

After the water break I felt so much better and ran the entire rest of the 5k feeling amazing!

Finished in 35:35 which I'm SO pleased with!!

Even though I had the small walk break, I'm moving on to W8R3 I think!!

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Well done - I’m so impressed! I start week 8 tomorrow or Monday (haven’t decided yet) so just behind you 😊

I used to live in west Jesmond at uni so I remember that area well!

Becky1606Graduate in reply to southlundon

Ah amazing! Good luck with W8, how has W7 been for you?

Haha its a really really good park run, mostly flat expect for the little bit in my post :P

southlundonGraduate in reply to Becky1606

Week 7 has been fine thanks! I’m not too worried about the additional 3 mins - unless you think I should be?!

Becky1606Graduate in reply to southlundon

Don't be worried about the extra 3 mins - honestly feels like nothing!

Fabulous450Graduate in reply to southlundon

Brilliant southlundon! You’ll be amazing in W8, as usual! ❤️


Well done! It’s just too hot for me to even consider running at that time at the moment.

Becky1606Graduate in reply to Jay66UK

Thanks Jay, your posts always inspire me to carry on with this!

It was incredibly hot, which is why I stopped for the tiny water break in-between 3-4k and just plodded along with my audiobook - no speed records for me lol but I don't care!

Jay66UKGraduate in reply to Becky1606

Thanks...but I just run 😬

The water break was a great idea and your run will be really inspiring for others thinking of doing their first Parkrun.


Fantastic! You’ll be hooked!

Becky1606Graduate in reply to Tasha99

Thanks Tasha, I'm already looking forward to my next one (will probably be in week 9 now as I am away next Sat)! Cannot believe how friendly everyone was


Your doing park runs on week 8? That’s impressive!

Becky1606Graduate in reply to Forestgrump

Thanks Forest! It was such a friendly atmosphere and helped motivate me to run outside instead of sticking to my treadmill so even though I was definitely one of the slower runners on this particular course (the average time is like 24 mins!) I really enjoyed it and I was grinning all day yesterday (and this morning!). Next one will be after graduation though as it's not on next week :O


Congratulations Becky! An amazing time too! So brilliantly well done! 😁❤️

Becky1606Graduate in reply to Fabulous450

Thanks Fabulous! Only 4 runs to go now!!! <3

Fabulous450Graduate in reply to Becky1606

Yes Becky! We are on the home stretch! ❤️

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