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W8R2 done??


Hi, I just joined the community after reading for a few weeks. I started the C25K programme in August and nearly three months later I’m on Week 8 and massively enjoying the journey from “I can’t do that” to “Yes I can”.

I tackled my W8R2 this morning, but about 18-19 minutes in I accidentally closed the C25K app. When I reopened it (still running) it had gone back to the beginning. I thought I’d carry on for about 10 minutes and I know I’d have completed 10 minutes running on the flat, but as luck had it I was also having a go at a difficult path in the park that I hadn’t tried before. I thought I’d finish up before I got to the really steep bit but of course I didn’t and I think I only managed 8-9 minutes (that hill was a killer).

So now I’m not sure whether to count that as a finished run or if I should repeat it. I feel like I’m going quite well now and I’m keen to get on to Week 9 and 30 minutes... What do people think - would it be cheating to go on to W8R3 this Sunday?

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I would say it's up to you whether you feel close enough to ready to face week 9 after 1 more run. I would also say find a route that doesn't finish with a killer hill!

I've done all my running so far on pretty flat ground. Now post graduation I am exploring new routes, but still no more than a couple of gentle slopes. I live on a pretty steep hill, but a warm-up and warm-down walk covers that bit.

Thanks - and yes I am going to be much more careful about my next few routes! I think I underestimated my speed...

I’ll definitely do one more 28 minute run before I move on to Week 9 but very excited to have come so far on the programme.


Only you can decide... :) If you think you did it... then move on...:)

Thanks for replying - I’ve marked it as done: W8R3 tomorrow...

No, it's not cheating IMHO! I too have just finished w8r2 and am feeling a little worried that running on a treadmill so fat has made me a bit lazy ref Hills and even small inclines! Well done BTW on being fab!

Runrabbitrun2 in reply to Rboo

Hah thank you Rboo, and see you for W8R3 very soon! Congrats to you too for getting this far - I’m still pinching myself to make sure I’m not dreaming I can run for so long 😊I’ve got a lot of time for treadmills, especially when winter comes...

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