Couch to 5K

When to start each week?

So...with a rest day between each run, how long should I be waiting before starting each new week? I've just done wk 1 ( Sat, Mon, Weds) and started wk 2 tonight as I was happy not to repeat any of wk 1. Should I have waited another day or doesn't it matter, as long as I'm happy to move on to the next week? This will probably not apply next week as I can't imagine moving onto wk 2 day 2 yet 😱

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I made my running week Monday, Wednesday, Friday as I did C25K, but as long as you fit in your rest days, there's no reason not to just roll on and go Sunday, Tuesday, Thursdayon the second week and so on.


Thanks! I'll see how I go...currently slow but sure would describe my progress, I think 😊


I am a creature of habits. I like Monday, Wednesday and Friday however whenever Monday is not good then I do Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, like this week. Whatever work best for you really.


I ran every other day, for most of C25k, which is fine and means you can actually finish the entire programme in 7.714285 (recurring) weeks, as opposed to the standard 9 weeks. Now there's a figure to conjure with!!!

If you complete a run, then move on. You will surprise yourself and the training plan is brilliantly structured to keep you challenged but succeeding. If you need extra rest days, however, then no problem. Remember, you are in control.

Good luck


Thanks - work is really busy and life keeps getting in the way, but I'm determined to do this and I've managed to keep going, even if I have 2 rest days sometimes ( I'd rather just have one tbh!) So I've just finished week 4 and never thought I would! I'm planning to start week 5 on Saturday as Friday is nightmarishly busy, so I'll see how that goes after two rest days...😱


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