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A change is as good as a rest

I read a lot of posts on here of people suffering with leg injuries of one type or another. May I make a suggestion, its good advice not to run in the same shoes on consecutive runs. OK, I'm obsessive, I have 7 pairs of running shoes and never use the same pair twice, I have been very lucky maybe, but I have not suffered with any injury or anything more than an ache after a run, I put this down to never running in the same pair the next run, I rotate them. Running is my only real hobby, so like any hobby I spend on it, I might be wrong, but I I put it down to changing my shoes regularly how I've managed to stay injury free, I run 4 times per week and complete a 9 mile circuit, walking 5 miles of running 4. I run on the moors, gravel tracks, bridleways, so it cant be the surface. For those incurring injuries, google it and you will see its good advice.

Best of luck.

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Rotating you shoes is obviously a good idea, especially when transitioning to new ones. I have two pairs of trail shoes and one road pair and they all get used every week. I don't think that this necessarily prevents injury, but your feet and legs do get a rest from anything that your shoes may be forcing them to do, that is less than perfect.


wow...thats a lot of shoes...impressive and clearly it works for you... well done on your progress too :)


Thank you Juicy, but you being a woman must surely have a lot more shoes than that.


I thought I was obsessive. I only have 4 pairs (2 for gym and 2 for outside). I use all of them too, and interestingly beside a few aches and pains, nothing serious yet. Maybe there is something is what you say.


Hi rmnsuk

Yes I'm sure there is, shoes compress and lose there shape after a run and it takes time for them to regain the shape, I think if you wear them to quick again, they don't offer the same level of support, hence I wash them & leave them back in the box till its their turn again lol.

After washing, do NOT put them on the radiator or any artificial means of drying, on the rare sunny days, let them dry outside, otherwise they will dry in the box with paper stuffed inside them.


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