Couch to 5K

Wk 4, R2

Mega slippy out there today - went even slower than slow - but made it. Just cannot believe this progress. Knees objecting, but keeping up the exercises. Its funny, I'm 'running' with my son - I'm managing / succeeding / enjoying it; he on the other hand is running as fast as he can, obsessed with the technology / how far / how fast / drips with persperation and exhaustion. Whereas 'the snail' is coping quite happily and feeling a real sense of achievement - the hare is frustrated and annoyed!

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Well done sounds like a great run


Yeah but you'll be the one that keeps on going long after he's burnt out!

The slow run/walks are just the business at cracking this running lark. The slow running allows you to build leg strength and burn calories at the same time. By going slowly you have sufficient puff to get round the course and finish the session. If you stick to doing what Laura says you will finish safely. Resist the urge to keep up with your son. Let him go and do his own thing

Above all, keep going!


So agree with you - thank you so much. He does burn himself out and yet I'm finding it manageable. I KNOW I haven't finished yet, but I really haven't put a foot wrong yet - this programme is amazing. If I can do it, anyone can. Thanks for your encouragement.


You can get through it by going really slow. I know there is a tendency to try and push your luck but please resist the urge. You don't want to get crocked, and pushing too hard is the way to the injury couch.

Just keep slowly chugging away. The tortoise/hare thing is oh so true. I think us ladies, specially the ones of a certain age, are not only slower anyway but are more cautious. Scared of hurting ourselves if you like, so we can use this in-built caution to our advantage

You are on week four. It does get progressively harder though. By working methodically through the programme you will be ready for the increase in workload when it comes. C25k prepares you for it. It's a great programme so enjoy it as it will be over all too soon.


Fantastic, Buffy, it's a great feeling to be working through the programme isn't it? I've never got this kind of a buzz from exercise before. I can't quite believe I've got this far but I'm determined to carry on - I reckon slow and steady is absolutely the right way to go. Laura can't be wrong! Good luck with your next run


Thanks everyone. (and thanks for the warning about it getting harder!). But it does seem to be staged really sensibly. My knees are a bit swollen but they do seem to recover with the rest day. I find what people have said about relaxing and breathing is good too. And, and this is a big thing, just to concentrate on what I'm doing that day - not even thinking about week 5 yet, tempting 'tho it is to look ahead. Just be happy to manage what I'm doing now and Hey Presto, by next week I'll be ready for week 5. (I hope!)


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